5 ways contactless payments could change your life

How could replacing cash with contactless work for you?

Switching cash for contactless could be the best move you make this year. Why? As the popularity of contactless payment has grown, so have the benefits. Here are just five ways contactless is changing things for the better:

Step 1

It’s making donating easy

A growing number of charitable organisations are now able to accept contactless donations. In 2017, we teamed up with Cardnet and The Royal British Legion to support the Poppy Appeal. We set up collectors on the streets with 200 terminals, which offered donors the option to give £2, £3 or £5 with their contactless cards.

Many other organisations are getting creative with contactless, too. In 2015, Cancer Research UK turned the windows of their stores into contactless donation points. And, in 2017, Stand Up To Cancer unveiled the world’s first contactless car which took £5 and £10 donations.

Some studies have even found that people donate more on average with contactless than they do with cash.[1] We’re all for anything that makes it easier to do good.

Step 2

You can use it to travel

Tap, and travel: it’s that simple. Most Transport for London vehicles – that’s buses, trains and tubes take contactless payment. Just tap in and out, and off you go!

This scheme is starting to roll out across the rest of the country; you’ll find that many city buses now take contactless payments, as well as some metro services.

What’s next? Perhaps we’ll soon be tapping in to board cross-country trains and international flights. Watch this space...

Step 3

Tap and pay for food on the go

Most drive-thru restaurants and coffee shops now accept contactless payments.  Better still, some restaurants have handily installed their contactless terminals on extendable sticks, so there’s no need to reach awkwardly through the window to pay. Just tap, and tuck in..

Step 4

You may not even need a card

That’s right: going contactless means you may not actually need your wallet to pay on the go.

You can now register your Halifax Visa debit card to your smartphone or other contactless device – perfect when you’re out for a run or travelling light.

Step 5

It’s powering many local small businesses

Small businesses are now able to use contactless to offer a speedier payment service – which, in turn, means more customers. So next time you visit a coffee shop or stop by your local book shop, look out for the opportunity to pay with contactless; you’ll soon start seeing the chance to go cash-free everywhere.

This can only be good news for the Great British high street, as contactless gives local businesses the chance to compete with larger retailers by offering quicker and easier purchases. This has a knock-on effect for other local industries and suppliers too.

Put simply: contactless spending is helping to boost the brilliant small businesses we all love and depend on.

Ready to try contactless?

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[1] Source: bbc.co.uk