No change, no problem. With your contactless credit card there is another, secure way to pay. If your card doesn't have the contactless symbol, don't worry, we can get a new one to you.

Please note: Not all Contactless Card transactions appear immediately on your Online & Mobile Banking statements. If you can’t see a transaction please wait up to 4 days for it to be added to your statement, before contacting us.

  • Fast - It takes less than a second to pay using a contactless credit card
  • Safe - Our contactless credit cards have plenty of built-in security technology
  • Secure - Contactless transactions are covered by the same fraud protection as chip & PIN.

How do I use the contactless card?


Watch out for the contactless symbol when paying for items up to the value of £45


Touch your contactless card against the symbol until the light turns green. A beep indicates successful payment. Occasionally you may need to enter your PIN.


Your payment is approved.