Travel credit cards

A travel credit card (e.g. the Halifax Clarity credit card) could help you manage your spending when you’re abroad, so you don’t need to take extra currency or lots of cards with you. There’s one rate for everything you buy too, and no fees on any overseas spends.

How a travel credit card is useful:

  • No foreign transaction fees to worry about.
  • Worldwide fee-free cash withdrawals (some ATMs charge a usage fee. Interest will apply from the day cash is taken out).
  • Section 75 protection applies to overseas transactions too.

Your representative example

Representative example

Representative example

A variable representative of

19.9% APR

A variable annual purchase rate of

19.95% p.a.

Based on borrowing

£1,200 over 12 months.

This example is for illustrative purposes and serves as a guide only. Your actual credit limit and rate will vary based on your individual circumstances and may differ from the example shown.

Will I be accepted?

See if you’re likely to be approved for a Halifax credit card. Your credit score won’t be affected and there’s no obligation to apply afterwards.

Check your eligibility

Accepted widely

Accepted here, there and just about everywhere.

Currency conversion

All spending shows as pounds and pence on your statement.

One interest rate

The same interest rate on things you buy, wherever you buy them.

How do travel credit cards work?

A travel credit card works the same as any other credit card, but sometimes they don’t charge a fee (known as foreign transaction fees) on any spending overseas. Other credit cards usually charge these. Interest charges still apply.

How the Halifax Clarity credit card works

Exchange rates

  • When you pay in local currency, all transactions on the Halifax Clarity credit card are converted automatically using the Mastercard® rate on that day. They'll show as being made in UK pounds wherever in the world your card was used. Even ATM withdrawals count.

Know where you stand

  • The Halifax Clarity credit card charges the same interest rate on everything you buy too, so it’s easier to keep track of your spending. One card, one rate. Wherever you go.

Things to look out for

  • Only borrow what you can afford to pay back each month.
  • Make sure the credit card limit suits your needs.
  • Try to pay back what you’ve spent in full each month, so you don’t have to pay interest on what you’ve borrowed.

Planning a trip away?

Useful to know

  • Mastercard® is accepted widely in lots of countries. 
  • Always pay in local currency when overseas.
  • Some ATMs might charge a fee for cash withdrawals.
  • Interest charges apply to cash you take out from the day it’s withdrawn. 
  • Overseas transactions over £100 but not more than £30,000 are covered by Section 75.

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Want to transfer a balance, help manage your everyday spends or spread the cost of a big-ticket item? Or maybe a travel credit card might suit your needs.

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Will I be accepted?

See if you’re likely to be approved for a Halifax credit card. Your credit score won’t be affected and there’s no obligation to apply afterwards.

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