6 ways to use 60 minutes

Done in 60 minutes

The clocks have gone back and while that might mean that winter will soon be here, the good news is you got an extra hour. What will you do with it? You could spend the time on home improvements to up the appeal of your home, just for yourself or even for prospective buyers if you’re considering a move.

You can’t completely transform your home in just 60 minutes, but little things can make a big difference. Here’s just a few.

Step 1

Freshen up the front door

It’s the first thing you see when you get home, so why not make your front door extra welcoming? Paint it a bright new colour or just add a smart new knocker or name plate. You’ll boost the kerb appeal, and if you spend an hour on your own doorstep you might even meet a friendly new neighbour or two.

Step 2

Up with upcycling

Upcycling and customising can be cost-effective ways to transform tired furniture and accessories. You don’t necessarily need much time – or skill! Sites like Pinterest are full of ideas for easy projects. You could:

  • Paint table legs for a pop of colour in the kitchen.
  • Use paper washi tape to add a decorative detail to a plain vase or picture frame, or even wooden chair legs and backs. It’s removable from most surfaces, so you can experiment. 
  • Use silver spray paint to give anything from plant pots to storage boxes a cool metallic look.
  • Repurpose unused items that have sentimental value – like knick-knacks, furniture or faded t-shirts – into something pretty or practical, like a candleholder, shelf or patchwork quilt.
Step 3

Flat pack face-lift

Flat pack furniture is economical, but so popular that everyone often ends up with the same things. A quick way to make yours a bit different is to put new knobs and handles on doors and drawers. This adds personality without breaking the bank. And they don’t need to match – you could find some quirky ones and mix them up.

Step 4

Unleash your green fingers

Window boxes are a great way to up your kerb appeal and brighten up your everyday. Fill them with flowers or plant a mini herb garden and save a little cash on your weekly shop.

Step 5

Swap for savings

With winter just around the corner, you could hang thermal lined curtains. They do cost a bit more upfront, but can really help keep a room cosy - and could help you cut bills.

Step 6

Put the paintbrush down – for now

Small projects can be fast and wallet-friendly, but if your home improvement goals are a little bigger it could be useful to spend the extra hour planning ahead and fitting costs into your budget – before you even pick up a paintbrush. In a recent survey  40% of renovators said they’d gone over their budget by an average of 20%. A bit of research on costs will help keep your finances and your plans on track, so you can enjoy the result.

Still got time?

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