Be kind to your mind

We want to help make this the year you can focus on being kind to yourself, and putting you and your family first. To help do this, we’ve partnered with the experts at Headspace to bring you a selection of blogs, audio files and videos to help with things like managing stress. Topics include; finding your purpose again, bringing a sense of calm and kindness to your family, and sleepcasts to help you get a restful nights sleep. All the content is free for you to access, at any time during the partnership.

Audio Meditation Courses

Meditations on a range of topics to help you and your loved ones be kind to your mind.

Managing stress in uncertain times - Bringing calm and clarity with meditation.

Managing Stress in Uncertain Times

Bring a moment of calm and clarity to your day with a body scan meditation for stress relief. 

Fininding purpose - establish greater sense of clarity, purpose and meaning.

Finding Purpose

Use reflection to establish a greater sense of clarity, purpose, and meaning.

Taking a break - need to pause take a breather.

Taking a Break 

No matter what your work involves, we all need to “pause” every now and then. Take a break by taking this breather.

Kids - kindness under 5 - visulization exercise teaches openess and generosity.

Recovering Confidence

Build confidence and step away from doubt as you begin your job search.

Kids - Paying attention, ages 9-12 - use imagination to relax.

Kids | Paying attention, Ages 9-12

Kids will use their imagination to practice a relaxed, precise kind of focus.

Kids - Calm ages 6-8 - simple breathing exercise - relaxation.

Kids | Calm, ages 6-8

Use this simple breathing exercise to help your kids nurture feelings of calm and relaxation.


Unique audio stories to help create the conditions for a more restful night’s sleep.

Compass Gardens - sensual journey through gardens.

Midnight Launderette

Gently wash away the stress of the day in the world's most soothing environment.

Cat Marina - each boat is a home to a cat.

Work Stress

A meditation designed to help you step away from insistent anxiety about your professional life.

Beachcomber - peaceful stroll where the ocean meets the land.

Rainday Antiques

Lose yourself in the atmosphere of a beautiful antiques shop on a rainy night.

Meditation Advice Videos

How to deal with anxiety from change - nothing is permanent.

How to Deal with Anxiety From Change

Nothing is permanent. The world is always changing. The best thing we can do is try not to get too caught up in it and enjoy the ride. 

Shared human condition - mediation can help.

How to Manage your Money: Spending Money Mindfully to Budget and Save

What does it mean to be an empowered spender? Financial wellness expert Alex Holder shares guidance on mindful spending, practicing awareness of our shopping habits, and reframing your relationship with the checkout button.

Training the Monkey mind - animation to explore calm, quiet mind.

Training the Monkey Mind

When you first close your eyes to meditate, you might be surprised by how energetic the mind is. Where is the peace I was promised? It's not peaceful in here at all! But don't be discouraged. In this animation we explore how to create the conditions for a calm, quiet mind.

Why focus on The Happiness of Others - mediation helps.

How to Talk About Money

Money can be uncomfortable to talk about, mostly because of social stigmas we've internalized over time. Financial wellness expert Alex Holder talks about how open conversations can lead to healthier relationships with our own finances, and the people we love. Let's start talking about money.

Money Worries

We’re here to help you if you’re worried about your money.


We’re here to support you if you’ve been impacted by coronavirus.