Bank accounts for children

A bank account can be a good way for children to get used to money. It’ll also help them learn the importance of budgeting.

There are lots of different accounts for children, which you can usually open when they’re around the age of 11.

Account features

  • Debit card.
  • No overdraft facility – your child can only spend money in the account.
  • Mobile Banking app.
  • Credit interest paid on savings.


Youth and student account features

Debit cards

‘Kids’, youth and student accounts may come with a contactless Visa debit card that can be used in shops, online and at cash machines.

For under-16s, parental consent is needed to register for, and to access, Online Banking and the Mobile Banking app.

Daily account use

Youth accounts don’t offer an overdraft facility. This means that your child can only spend money that they have in their account.

They’ll be able to check their balance and get account notifications in the Mobile Banking app. So, they shouldn’t run into any awkward moments.

At 18, youth accounts are transferred along with the account balance to an adult current account, unless we tell you otherwise.

Credit interest and savings accounts

Some accounts let your child earn interest on the money in their current account. Or, you can set up a savings-only account and encourage your child to watch their money grow.

Our Kids' Saver account is a variable interest account that an adult can open for a child who is 15 or younger.

Or you can open a Junior Cash ISA. This is a long-term, tax-free savings account. A great way for kids under 18 to save for the future.

Youth and student accounts

Money Smart

Great money habits start with Money Smart, our bank account and savings account for 11 to 15 year olds.

  • Contactless debit card.
  • Mobile Banking app.
  • Parental oversight of account.
Money Smart

Expresscash Account

A starter account for young adults to manage themselves. Tailored for teens aged 11 to 17 years, this account can help you make the most of your pocket money.

  • Contactless debit card.
  • Mobile Banking app.
  • Credit Interest.
Expresscash Account

Student Current Account

An account for full-time students aged 18 or over. Perks, interest and free everyday banking.

  • Contactless debit card and use of the Mobile Banking app.
  • Overdraft facility is available. The account holder would need to apply and be approved for an overdraft. Overdrafts may also be repayable on demand.
  • Earn up to 15% cashback with Cashback Extras.
Student Account

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