5 things your home insurance might not cover

When it comes to protecting your most prized possessions, the key is to never presume you’re already covered.

Detail is everything when arranging insurance for your home and its contents. You certainly don’t want to find out the hard way that the cover you assumed you had is insufficient.

When it comes to items like these, it’s crucial you always read the fine print…

Engagement ring
Step 1

An engagement ring

In the whirlwind of engagement, the relatively trivial matter of having that shiny new ring insured can easily slip through the net. But it’s vital to seek additional cover and not just presume it’ll be protected by your existing home or contents policy.

There’s a good chance a valuable item like this is actually worth more than the limit placed on your insurance policy for a single item. It may need adding to your policy, or even insuring separately.

As a rule when buying precious jewellery be sure to get a valuation certificate, and have the item re-valued every three years so you can update your insurer.

Step 2

Your bike

Again, it’s all in the fine print and the type of policy you choose as to just how protected your bike is.

The key is to check whether or not your policy insures your bike against theft when you’re out and about away from the home. Then there’s the issue of security - is your bike kept under lock and key both at home and outside work, say?

Shockingly hundreds of thousands of bikes are stolen from UK cyclists every year, so your best bet is to take no risks and ensure your insurance covers bikes today.

Step 3

Digital Media

As computers, tablets and smartphones now play such a huge role in our lives, insurers have had to rethink a lot of policy surrounding the protection of digital media.

One thing that is often not considered when a laptop is stolen, is the cost to replace all the downloaded music, photos and videos that have been lost with it.

The main point here is to always back up your files, using either another device, disc or drive. But if you’ve failed to do that, you need to check if your home contents insurance has you covered. If not, be sure to add it next time. In a digital world, it’s not only tangible items that need protection, so think outside the box.

Step 4


As with jewellery, it’s always best to err on the side of caution with any valuable heirlooms or artefacts that maybe even you don’t know the true value of.

If you’ve always had a sneaking suspicion you’re sitting on a goldmine with that set of china plates stored away at the back of the cabinet, make sure you take appropriate measures to insure it for its full potential worth.

If you only include them in a standard contents policy, there’s every chance you’ll only be reimbursed to a set amount should the worst happen, so seek additional cover now before it’s too late.

Step 5

Garden equipment

Expensive bits of garden kit including patio heaters, furniture and gas barbeques are all hot property for thieves.

The key here is two-fold. Firstly, always do your utmost to protect your garden - ensure all gates and entrances are locked where possible, and consider fencing, lights, alarms and other deterrents.

Secondly make sure you don’t forget your garden when creating an inventory of your possessions and alter your insurance policy accordingly. It may stipulate that items like power tools or children’s play equipment must be kept in a locked-up building like a shed, so make sure you don’t lose out through forgetfulness.

Please note that this isn’t reflection of the cover we provide. Please check your home insurance policy booklet for cover details and exclusions.

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