What is home contents insurance?

Sometimes also called house contents insurance, this is insurance that gives you cover for loss or damage to items in your home, but are not part of the building itself. Different policies vary but usually a contents insurance quote offers you protection for your personal possessions against flooding, fire and theft.

Why get home contents insurance?

Some of your personal possessions may have a high cost in money terms – if the worst happens it might cost a lot to replace them. It's not always easy to work out the cash value, but a sensible approach is:

  1. Make a record of your possessions, room by room, highest value items first.
  2. Try to keep your records up to date, especially if you add valuable items.
  3. Remember to contact your insurer about these as they could  affect your contents cover.

If you own anything particularly valuable, you might have to give details on the policy. There will also most likely be a limit on any claim. We’ve put together a handy checklist (PDF) to help you calculate the value of your contents and work out how much cover you’ll need.

What is covered by Halifax home contents insurance?

Halifax home contents insurance offers you protection against flooding, fire and theft from the home for these items:

  • household goods
  • furnishings
  • clothing.

What cover options can be added to Halifax home contents insurance?

Halifax has cover options that can be added to your standard policy for an additional cost. This means you can tailor the cover to suit your needs, for example:

  • accidental damage, for events that occur in your home
  • personal belongings, which protects your items away from the home.

How much cover is given by Halifax home contents insurance?

Our Home Insurance policy comes with up to £75,000 cover as standard. Limits apply, but you also get all of the following as standard.

  • Money & Credit Cards. Cover for your cards and cash when in the home.
  • Alternative accommodation. Protection is there for your family and domestic pets if you can’t live at home because of an insured event.
  • Visitor belongings. Protection for items your visitors bring with them when they visit your home.
  • You will be covered for £10,000 worth of high risk items as standard (you can select more cover if you wish) . This covers belongings such as your jewellery, mobile phone, and computers within your home.

If you're looking for a higher level our Home Insurance Ultimate offers some elements of unlimited cover and more cover is included as standard.

Limits, terms and exclusions apply, see our policy booklet for full details.

Halifax Home Insurance and Halifax Home Insurance Ultimate are underwritten by Lloyds Bank General Insurance Limited.

Jewellery cover.

Check the protection Halifax Home Insurance can offer for your jewellery.

Gadget cover.

Do you rely on your mobile phone and other gadgets? Learn more about the protection Halifax Home Insurance may offer.

Get a quote.

We've made it easy for you to buy great value home insurance. Compare our two levels of cover side by side when you get a quote.

  • £50 cashback when you buy a new combined buildings and contents policy, hold it for 70 days and pay your first premium. Conditions apply.
  • 10% discount if you’re a Halifax Online Banking customer. Simply sign in, get a quote and buy through Online Banking. Your discount is applied to our standard online price and excludes Home Emergency and Legal Expenses cover. Minimum premiums apply if you make a change to your premium during the year.

The two offers can be taken together.

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