We know that a leak is one of the most common reasons to make a home insurance claim. So we've teamed up with Hive to offer you a free 12 month Hive Leak Plan which includes a Hive Leak Sensor*.

The Hive Leak Sensor works by detecting water flows through your home and alerting you to potential issues. 

How a Hive Leak Sensor can help protect your home

Ready to apply? All you need is your Halifax Home Insurance Policy Number. Your policy number will be on any letters we've sent you, and starts with 3 letters e.g. HIA123456789.

Claim your free Hive Leak Sensor 

*Terms and conditions apply. Available to existing home insurance customers only.

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How can a Hive Leak Sensor help protect your home?

When you sign up for a free Hive Leak Plan you'll receive a Hive Leak Sensor which links to the Hive app on your smartphone.

The Hive Leak Sensor is quick and easy to set up, you just need to clip it to your main water pipe. Don't worry - no plumbing know-how is needed and the Hive app will guide you all the way.

Once set up the Hive Leak Sensor will:

Monitor water flow

24/7 monitoring of the water flow in your home helps to protect against both visible and hidden leaks.

Alert you to potential issues

You'll receive an alert to your registered smartphone if any potential issues are detected.

Track water consumption

Keep track of your water consumption and avoid unexpected water usage.

Ready to apply for your free* Hive Leak Sensor?

Applying is simple, all you need is your Halifax Home Insurance Policy Number. Your policy number will be on any letters we've sent you, and starts with 3 letters e.g. HIA123456789.

*Terms and conditions apply. Available to existing home insurance customers only.

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New to Halifax Home Insurance?

To take advantage of this offer you need to be an existing Halifax Home Insurance customer.

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Further help and support

If you need to speak to someone about the offer or have a question about your Hive Leak Sensor please contact Hive customer care or call a member of their team 0333 202 9614.

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Frequently asked questions

Terms and conditions

    1. The offer is for a free 12-month subscription to Hive Leak Plan, which consists of a Hive Leak Sensor, access to and control of the Hive Leak Sensor from the Hive app, and notifications to your smartphone of any relevant water flow events. The offer is available for customers who have Halifax Home Insurance.
    2. Before the end of the 12 months you will be contacted by Hive with the options available to you if you wish to continue with the Hive Leak Plan.  You are under no obligation to purchase the service beyond the initial 12-month period.
    3. The offer is subject to availability and will continue to run until we choose to withdraw the offer.
    4. You must have Wi-Fi connectivity in your home and access to a smartphone to use Hive Leak Plan.
    5. Only one Hive Leak Plan can be taken per address insured with Halifax Home Insurance, and the subscription must be registered to the insured address.
    6. Halifax and Hive will share data with each other. Hive will let us know when you have registered for the Hive Leak Plan, and when you have installed your Hive Leak Sensor. Further details on how Hive processes your data can be found in Hive’s Data Privacy Policy. Halifax will inform Hive of how Hive Leak Sensors impact the frequency and severity of leak claims made against Halifax Home Insurance policies, but you will not be identifiable to HIVE from this set of data.
    7. Halifax will not use any data collected by Hive during the 12 month offer period for the purposes of making individual underwriting or pricing decisions, or for making claims handling decisions on your home insurance policy. If we decide to change the type of data Hive shares with us or the purposes for which we use Hive data, we will let you know in advance of your next renewal.
    8. Halifax is responsible for the offer of the free Hive Leak Plan and Centrica Hive Limited (Hive) is responsible for the supply of the Hive Leak Sensor and provision of the Hive Leak Plan. The use of the Hive Leak Plan is subject to Hive’s T&Cs.
    9. By registering an account with Hive and installing the Hive Leak Sensor, you will be entering into a contract with Hive, which is a separate company from Halifax.
    10. This offer is promoted by Lloyds Bank Insurance Services Limited, Registered in England and Wales No 968406, Registered Office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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