SIPP application form

Before you start

This is an application form to open an Halifax Share Dealing SIPP, administered by AJ Bell Management Limited. Please note, this application will not save so please make sure you have the following details before you start:

  • Your current home addresses and any previous address from the last 3 years.
  • Your National Insurance Number
  • The details of any pensions you want to transfer into your SIPP (you can also do this once your SIPP is open).

You also need to know

  • We don't offer any advice - you will be responsible for any of your investment decisions.
  • The value of investments, and income from them, can rise and fall so you may get back less than you invest. If you're unsure about investing, seek independent advice.
  • If you are new to investing and would like more information make sure you understand the risks.

Your money and stocks held safely

We look after your stock and cash by keeping them separate from our own. You also have protection under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Accessing your account

  • Your SIPP account will take a few days to set up and we’ll send you a username and temporary password so that you can get started.

To apply ...

  • You need to be at least 18 years old, and a UK resident. If you want to open a Junior SIPP for someone under 18 you can download and print our application form (PDF, 716 KB).
  • You must not be a US citizen or tax payer.
  • You must understand the risks of investing. For more information, see Investment Options and Risks (PDF, 57 KB)
  • When you submit your SIPP application you will receive an email to read and sign electronically. Please note this email will come from Adobe using either or

Please read the following documents:

Understanding our charges

Admin Charge

There is a quarterly administration charge of:

£22.50 (SIPP value of £50,000 or less)

£45.00 (SIPP value of greater than £50,000)

Commission charges

£9.50 per online trade

Additional charges

There are additional charges for trading and other services, such as drawdown charges.

View the full list of these charges

The small print

Under the terms of an agreement between AJ Bell Management Limited and Halifax Share Dealing Limited, AJ Bell Management Limited provides the pension administration services for your SIPP and Halifax Share Dealing Limited provides the investment services for your SIPP. Sippdeal Trustees Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of AJ Bell Management Limited, is the trustee of the Scheme and the legal owner of assets within the Scheme.

If your application is accepted by AJ Bell Management Limited, Sippdeal Trustees Limited will authorise you to give investment instructions in relation to your SIPP directly to Halifax Share Dealing Limited. We refer to this as you acting as an agent of Sippdeal Trustees Limited.

As part of this application, you will be signing up as an agent of Sippdeal Trustees Limited to the Halifax Share Dealing Service Terms and Conditions which govern the provision of the investment services for your SIPP by Halifax Share Dealing Limited. This will only take effect when you have been notified that your SIPP application has been accepted by AJ Bell Management Limited.