Buying a car with a loan.

Sporty or practical? New, or a few miles on the clock? Whatever you're looking for in your next car you can apply online, and can make additional payments whenever you want. Here are a few points to consider before considering whether a loan for a car is right for you.

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Things to consider

Outright price of vehicle

When purchasing a new car, a second-hand one, or a project car it's not just the price of the car you have to take into account, because there are a lot of other costs involved in running a vehicle that need to be included.

Insurance costs

You’ll need to insure your vehicle and the price of insurance can vary depending on all sorts of factors. For example, how old you are, where you live, where the car will be kept, and so on, these will all affect insurance rates. It’s a good idea to shop around for insurance quotes before committing to buying a vehicle. You can get a Halifax car insurance quote.

Upkeep costs

Different vehicles will cost different amounts to keep roadworthy and running well. It’s worth finding out about the cost of road tax, fuel efficiency, price for a service and average repair costs for the models you’re looking at.

Unexpected repairs and costs

Nobody wants to bump their shiny new car but accidents can happen. It’s also true that some cars may have a better history of reliability than others. And if you’re thinking about some new wheels, a sound system, or any other modifications, this can have quite an impact on your car’s insurance premiums. So finding out costs in advance and being prepared for the unexpected is always a good idea.