6 useful things you might not know about online banking

Bit of a beginner when it comes to internet banking? Here’s a few things it’s well worth knowing...

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Step 1

Faster payments can be transferred in minutes

Want to pay back a friend or settle a bill at the 11th hour? Faster payments mean that as long as the recipient is set up to receive them then any money will normally be in their account within 2 hours, and in most cases it will normally be available in minutes.

Step 2

It could help you avoid overdraft charges

By showing pending transactions, online banking offers you a more in-depth view of your balance than checking at a cash machine (or trying to keep track in your head), meaning you’re less likely to accidentally slip into the red. Not convinced? A Lloyds Bank survey found that 67% of people think banking online has helped them avoid overdraft fees.

Step 3

You can delve deeper into your transactions

Ever look at your bank statement and can’t remember where or how a transaction was made? With an online statement you can embrace your inner detective and find out more about your spending. Most banks let you just tap or click on a transaction to bring up what type of shop it was made in, the location and how you made the payment, hopefully helping you solve your money mysteries.

Step 4

You can pay friends and family using their mobile number

Splitting the bill in a restaurant or paying back that tenner you borrowed is easier than ever thanks to Paym. There’s no need to remember account numbers and sort codes, you can transfer cash to friends and family using just their mobile number, as long as they’re registered. Over 3 million people (plus 15 banks) are already signed up.

Step 5

It’ll help you be greener

Banking online means you can go paperless while still being able to see your statements whenever you want. Just think of the trees you’ll save, especially if you’ve got multiple accounts. Plus, you can do most of your banking from the comfort of your sofa, without having to drive to your local branch – another tick in the environmentally-friendly box.

Step 6

It’s not just about managing money – you can update your details too

Changed your address? Got a new phone number? Want to request a new bank card? All things most banks let you do online in a few clicks.