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Weird and wonderful ways to cut expenses

If you’ve already ditched your daily takeaway coffee and are a pro at bulk buying, why not see how much you can save with these slightly quirkier ways to cut your expenses…

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7 steps to help get your bills under control

Does the thought of bills bring you out in a cold sweat? Never fear. Our step-by-step guide will help you get your bills under control and hopefully save you some time and money in the long run.


How much do other people save

How much money do other people save? Find out what everyone else is saving and how you compare in this article from Halifax.


What's AER?

What is AER? AER or Annual Equivalent Rate shows what you would earn from different savings accounts over a year. 


What's compound interest?

What is Compound Interest? Compound interest means interest on top of interest. 


7 things you need to know about the help to buy ISA

The Help to Buy: ISA launched on 1st December 2015. Do you know how it could benefit you?

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6 things you might not know about online banking (but will find really useful)

Bit of a beginner when it comes to internet banking? Here’s a few things it’s well worth knowing…

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5 tips for getting to grips with your finances

Want to get on top of managing your money – we’ve got some tips which could help you out…


What is a personal savings allowance and why does it matter to me?

What is a personal savings allowance and why does it matter to me? Here’s a short article with everything you need to know from Halifax.


What's a flexible ISA?

What is a flexible ISA? If your ISA is flexible you can withdraw money, and put it back in, as many times as you like within the same tax year. 


What's a lump sum?

A lump sum is simply a one-off amount.  


Score your first job

Are you thinking of applying for your first job? These are a few things you should consider.

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Household hacks - 9 easy ways to save a few pennies

Who doesn’t want to save cash without having to make any drastic cutbacks? Try these easy hacks to help slash your spending without any hassle.


What's a personal savings allowance?

What is a PSA? A personal savings allowance allows higher and basic rate income tax payers to have a sum of savings interest that can be kept tax free. 


What are interest rates?

What are Interest Rates? An interest rate is a percentage of a loan or savings that’s added on to the entire amount. 


What does per annum mean?

What does per annum mean? Per annum means once per year.


Little misses get more moolah

Pocket money’s a great way to teach our kids the real value of money, but how much should you pay? Find out how much other parents are currently coughing up.