Teen Money Smart Saving.

Whether you’re a teenager getting to grips with the world of money, or a parent looking for better ways to explain how your children could manage their finances, these vlogs, created by a group of YouTube stars, bring you their life hacks, tips and tricks.

1. Money saving hacks

Top tips on how to start good money-saving habits.

2. Save smarter – blindfold challenge

Watch Oscar and Dan compare branded and unbranded products, and find out their ways to save smarter.

3. Funniest first job stories

Everyone starts somewhere. Find out what first jobs celebrities had before they were famous.

4. No FOMO fund

No one likes to have that 'fear of missing out' (FOMO) feeling.  See how you can  have fun for less and be ready to join in with friends’ plans.

5. Famous first jobs

Take a look at todays' A-list celebrities very first jobs in order for them to gain financial independence.

6. What are balance and withdrawal?

Ambi explains what balance and withdrawal are.

What are balance and withdrawal?

7. What's tax?

Ambi explains all about tax.

What's tax?

8. What's interest?

Ambi explains what interest is.

What's interest?