Mortgage Calculator

Our mortgage calculator is an easy way to search for some of our mortgage deals and understand what the monthly mortgage payments might be.

It should only take you a few minutes to use - simply choose the type of mortgage you want, the value of your home and the amount you'd like to borrow, along with a few other details.

You'll then see a range of mortgage deals and the estimated monthly payments. Some deals aren't included - to see the whole range of mortgages available online take a look at our mortgages section.

1. What would you like the mortgage for?


You are a first time buyer if you or your co-applicant have not owned a property before.


If your current mortgage is with another lender and you are not moving home but looking to change your deal.


You are a home mover if you currently own or have previously owned a property or you are mortgage free.


A buy to let mortgage is when you buy a property to rent out.


If you're currently on the Halifax Standard Variable Rate, Halifax Homeowner Variable Rate or coming to the end of your current deal and looking for a new one, choose this option


If your current mortgage is with Halifax and you are not moving home but looking to borrow more money.

1a. What type of buy to let mortgage would you like?

2. What type of mortgage would you like?


Fixed rates are set for a specific period of time, regardless of what happens to variable/tracker rates. If you want peace of mind a fixed rate could be for you.


Most of our variable interest products are linked to the Bank of England bank rate. We charge you an amount above or below this rate. This means the rate can go up or down.

3. What method of repayment would you like?


This is where your monthly payments are made up of both interest and capital, so your mortgage is gradually paid off over the term of the mortgage.


You only pay interest throughout the mortgage term and your mortgage balance doesn't usually reduce. At the same time, you put money into a separate investment, such as an ISA, which should grow and pay off the mortgage at the end of the term.

4. What initial product period would you like?






This mortgage calculator is for illustrative purposes only.