Request for interest-free buffer

About the interest-free buffer

You can request to have up to £500 of your existing arranged overdraft interest-free until 2 October 2022. You just need to complete the form on the next page before 8 June 2022. We hope this temporary support will help you to lower your arranged overdraft borrowing.

Before you complete the request for this buffer, here are some important details about the service and how it will work.


If you go onto an interest-free buffer

  • It’ll start when we approve your request, and will then be in place until 2 October 2022.
  • We’ll text you to let you know when it’s started, and we’ll also give you the end date, so you have it to hand.
  • The first £500 of your arranged overdraft will be interest-free. Or if your arranged overdraft limit is lower than £500, all of it will be interest-free.
  • This support is temporary, and doesn’t change the terms of your arranged overdraft agreement. When the buffer ends, you’ll go back to being charged your standard arranged overdraft interest rate.
  • Changing your account type while the interest-free buffer is in place will end the buffer immediately.


Before you decide to go ahead

We won’t be able to give you the temporary interest-free buffer if:

  • You’re currently receiving support for financial difficulties.
  • You have an agreed repayment plan in place. 
  • You have a switcher offer in place.

If you’re happy with the interest-free buffer and how it works, and would like to request this service, please complete the form on the next page.

For more details about how we use your information – review our privacy policy. All overdrafts are repayable in full on demand.

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