Common scams you need to avoid

Scam emails and texts

If you click on a fake link in a scam email or text, you may end up giving your details to a fraudster.

Avoid scam messages

Scam calls

Fraudsters steal your details to pretend to be someone you trust on a call.

Avoid scam calls

Social media scams

Fraudsters use social media to win your trust to steal your money.

Stay safe on social media

Investment scams

Fraudsters can pretend to be financial advisers or companies to offer fake investment deals.

Avoid investment scams

Buying online scams

Fraudsters use fake websites and online marketplaces to tempt you with items for sale.

Buy online safely

Romance scams

If someone from a dating profile asks you for money, it’s probably a fraudster.

Avoid romance scams

Student scams

Fraudsters and criminals can target anyone, even young people and students.

Dodge student scams

Latest scams

Fraudsters change their scams to trick you, but you can watch out for the warning signs.


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How much do you know about fraud?

Is it easy to spot a fraudster online? We hit the streets to find out how much people know about fraud.

Other scams to watch out for

How to protect yourself from fraud

Protect your devices

Find out how to protect devices like your mobile phone and laptop.

Learn about device safety

Protect your passwords

Create strong passwords to stop other people from using your online accounts.

How to create strong passwords

Protect your identity

Fraudsters can try to use your identity by stealing your personal and banking details.

How to keep your identity safe

Card safety

To avoid scams, make sure you know how to use your bank card safely.

Protect your card

How we protect you

Our staff and technology are there to keep you and your money safe.

How we fight fraud

Further support and how to report fraud

Take Five to Stop Fraud

It could protect you and your money.

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Take Five to Stop Fraud

It could protect you and your money.

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Action Fraud

Contact Action Fraud to report a crime or to get general advice.

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Register with CIFAS

CIFAS can prevent fraudsters from using your name to apply for products or services.

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Have you been scammed?

Contact us right away if you think you've been scammed. We can then guide you on what to do next.

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