Saving for your child’s future

Whether they’re toddlers, teens or somewhere in between, we can help you start saving for your children’s future.

The benefits of saving

Saving for a child today is a great gift for their future. Kickstart their adult lives with some savings. Get your kids involved early and help them learn important lessons about money.

  • It can encourage good money habits.
  • Help children to learn the value of money.
  • Earn interest, which can grow over time – even on small sums.
  • Build a safe financial future.

Children’s savings options

Encourage your children to save early to create good money habits. They’ll thank you when they’re older. Saving accounts can earn interest, even on small savings. It’ll be a nice surprise when they want to buy their first car or put a deposit down for a flat.

Kids’ Monthly Saver

For adults who want to save regularly for a child aged 15 and under.

Kids’ Monthly Saver account

Kids’ Saver account

Put away for a little one's future in a Kids' Saver account.

Kids’ Saver

Junior Cash ISA

An ISA for anyone aged under 18.

Junior Cash ISA account

Looking for more?

You can find all the details of our kids accounts on our savings pages.

Kids savings accounts

Investing for your child’s future

We all want to set up our children for a safe future. One way is to plan now and invest some money.

Investing for the future

Setting up an investment can feel complicated. Set aside a little time and we’ll help you understand the basics. Getting your head around the investment types and risk levels, is easier than you might think.

If you invest even a small amount of money, you could potentially make your money work harder and go further in the future.

We have a range of Investment Accounts and support for you.

Investment Accounts

Child pension

A parent or legal guardian can set up a child pension. Your child can access this when they reach the age of 55. This is due to increase to 57 years old in 2028 and may change again in the future. Save up to £2,880 tax free in each tax year. The government then tops this up by 25%, taking your yearly total to £3,600. Any growth is tax free.

Like any investment, your fund value can go down and up. Speak to a financial adviser about setting up a child pension.

Learn more about Junior Personal Pensions from our partners at Scottish Widows.

Junior Personal Pension

Other ways to save for your child

Child Trust Fund

Children born between 2002 and 2011 might have a Child Trust Fund. These were replaced in 2010 by Junior ISAs. Existing accounts can still be paid into, or parents can transfer savings to Junior ISAs.

A parent or guardian will need to manage the account until the child is 18 years old. At 18, it can be cashed or transferred into an ‘adult’ ISA.

You can get more information from the government website.

Child Trust Fund checker

*Information on this page is correct as of June 2024.

Premium Bonds

Premium Bonds are savings bonds, which you can buy for as little as £25. Issued by the UK government, they offer tax-free prizes instead of interest.

You can get Bonds for children under 16 if you are their parent, legal guardian or grandparent. The maximum you can hold is £50,000.

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