Car Leasing

A simple way to drive a brand-new car at a monthly cost that suits you.


The features of leasing with Halifax

  • Choose from thousands of brand-new cars from over 30 manufacturers.
  • Drive a brand-new car for a monthly rental without buying it.
  • Pay a fixed amount each month for the length of your lease.
  • Hand the car back in good condition at the end of your lease.
  • Option to add a maintenance and breakdown package to your monthly rental.
  • Checking your eligibility won’t impact your credit score.
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Important information: to take car finance with us, you'll need to be aged 18 or over, a UK resident, hold a current account with us (min 3 months) and be registered for Online Banking.

Leasing is exclusively provided by Lex Autolease Limited trading as Halifax. Halifax is a division of Bank of Scotland plc. Bank of Scotland plc act as a credit broker and not the lender.

Lex Autolease are one of the UKs biggest leasing companies. They have a fleet of over 270,000 vehicles, including more than 67,000 electric and alternatively-fuelled vehicles.

How does car leasing work?

Watch our short video to find out how car leasing with Halifax works.

You can also read our useful guide to find out more information about Car Leasing. 

Its a simple and quick journey, whether you're just browsing, or you've found the car you want. Here's what you can expect.

  • There’s now an easier way to drive a brand-new car. 

    Meet the new addition to our finance options – Car Leasing. 

    But, what is car leasing?

    A car lease works like a long-term rental. It allows you to drive a new car for an agreed period of time and mileage. For a fixed monthly rental. 

    You won’t have the option to own the car, but it does mean you could drive a brand-new car within your monthly budget.

    And when the lease ends, you’ll just have to hand it back in good condition to avoid extra charges. So, there’s no need to sell the car or worry about depreciation.

    As technology and electric vehicles are developing all the time, this could help you keep up with all the latest advances.

    So, how does car leasing with Halifax work?

    Simply sign in to your Mobile Banking app or Online Banking and choose from over 4,000 brand-new cars from more than 30 manufacturers. 

    You don’t need to visit a dealer or haggle over price. 

    You can select to lease the car from two to five years.

    And choose a rental amount to suit you. 

    As it’s a brand-new car, it’ll be under warranty – so you get a more reliable and up-to-date car for your money. 

    For peace of mind, you can add a maintenance and breakdown package to include servicing, tyres, replacement parts and repairs.

    Once you’ve selected your options, simply order your car online and get it delivered to you.

    Your subsequent monthly payments are then set at a fixed price for the remaining term of your contract, so you can manage your finances easily online.

    So, why not explore car leasing by signing in to your Mobile Banking app and starting your journey towards a modern driving experience today?

Step 1

Step 1

Choose your car

Pick the car you want from thousands of models available from over 30 manufacturers. You can then customise your new car by choosing the colour, interior trim, and any other extras you like.

Step 2

Step 2

Get a quote

Decide how long you would like to lease the car for, agree a mileage limit and your initial rental amount.

We’ll give you an instant quote, with no impact on your credit score.

Step 3

Step 3

Place your order

We’ll ask for some information about you and your finances. If you’re approved for a lease and you want to proceed, your order will be placed with the dealer network.

Step 4

Step 4

Sign the paperwork

We will find a dealer to provide your car and then we will send your leasing documents to read. If you want to go ahead with your lease, you’ll need to sign these documents. When you’ve done this, the car build process can begin.

Step 5

Step 5

Take delivery of your car

When your new car is ready, It will be delivered to your door, for free, at a time that suits you.

Step 6

Step 6

At the end of your lease

At the end of your contract the car will be collected from you. As long as the car is in good condition and you have kept to the mileage you agreed at the start of your contract, you won’t have anything more to pay.

Ready to get a car lease quote?

Ready to get a car lease quote?

Get a Halifax car lease quote in minutes, without affecting your credit score.

Get a car lease quote today Get a car lease quote today

Frequently asked questions about car leasing

Here's some helpful information based on the most frequently asked questions our customers have.

  • Yes they are. You can choose from thousands of brand new models.

  • No, there’s no option to own the car. When your lease ends you’ll have to hand the car back to us.

  • No it won’t. A soft credit check will be done, but this won’t affect your credit score.

    The finance will only appear on your credit file if your application is successful and you finalise your agreement.

  • Leasing is exclusively provided by Lex Autolease Limited trading as Halifax. Bank of Scotland plc act as a credit broker and not the lender. Halifax is a division of Bank of Scotland plc.

    They work with a network of dealers. When you place your order, they’ll look for one who can provide the car.

  • You won’t need to pay anything until your car is delivered. When you sign your leasing documents you’ll also set up a Direct Debit. Your first payment will be taken once the car has been delivered to you.

  • All lease contracts include the following:

    • Use of a car for the duration of your contract.
    • Free Great Britain (GB) mainland delivery.
    • Vehicle tax is provided for the term of the lease.
    • Full manufacturer’s warranty*. 

    *You need to consider the following with regards to the manufacturer warranty:

    The warranty may expire before your contract ends depending on the term you have chosen. Refer to the manufacturer handbook for details of what is covered in your warranty. 

    If you have chosen a pre-registered car the remaining manufacturer warranty will be passed to you.

    An optional maintenance service is available which can be used to cover the following costs:

    • Routine services.
    • Replacing tyres.
    • Labour, parts and repairs.
    • Breakdowns.
    • MOTs.

    You can choose to take the 'with maintenance' option when setting up your quote. Your monthly rental quote will be updated to include the cost of the maintenance for the full term of your contract. 

    Please note:

    Optional maintenance is only available to take up at the time of your online application.

    Repairs or replacements from accidental or malicious damage and damage caused by driver misuse or abuse are excluded. The car must be serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines and by an approved service dealer.

  • You’ll get an email which will give you an expected delivery date for your car.

    Note: There are a number of things that can impact the delivery time of a car. Shortages of parts and other factors mean that it can take longer than usual for new cars to be delivered at the moment. Some prestige cars or cars with a lot of features can take longer. Pre-registered or in-stock offers may be available much sooner.

    Your order will be tracked and you’ll be notified of any changes via email.

    The dealer will contact you directly when your car is ready to be delivered and will arrange a convenient time to deliver the car to you. Deliveries generally take place Monday to Friday between 9am and 5.30pm.

  • Yes. There should be no problem with adding a private registration/cherished plate to your car. You’ll be charged an admin fee to add the plate. You’ll also be charged an admin fee at the end of your contract to remove it.

    You'll be given more details on how to get in touch to arrange this in your welcome letter when your vehicle arrives.

  • Some wear and tear is expected but any extra damage that falls outside of the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental Leasing Association) Fair Wear and Tear guidelines will be recorded and you may be charged.

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