Work out your savings

Saving money is different for everyone. You might want to save for a large purchase, home improvements or a holiday. Or you might just like the security of having a pot of money set aside for emergencies.

Whatever your goal, our tools can help you work out a plan towards reaching them.

We have various savings calculators to suit different needs. Want to plot a timeline? Not sure how much you need to save each month? Let’s find out. 

How long will it take me to save?

Use this calculator to work out how long it will take to reach your savings goal. Just let us know your goal amount and monthly savings budget, then we’ll give you a timeline.

Calculate my savings timeline

How much could I end up saving?

Putting away a regular sum of money each month? Use this calculator to add up the total value of your potential savings over time.

Calculate my future savings

What should I save each month?

Tell us your savings goal and how long you plan to save for, then we’ll do some quick maths. What should your monthly savings amount be?

Calculate my monthly savings

Saving for a rainy day?

We could all use a safety net for those unexpected bills or emergencies. Pop in your essential outgoings and we’ll help to work out a suitable savings buffer. 

Calculate my rainy-day fund

How can a savings calculator bring plans to life?

A basic calculator could help you plan your savings and spot any shortfalls in your budget. If you really want to reach a goal, or enjoy more financial security, using a savings calculator could be the first step on your journey.

A savings account calculator can help you quickly find out:

  • How much you could save each month
  • How soon you'll meet your target if you stick to the plan
  • How much money you could save overall based on your current saving routine.

It's usually better to save up for something if you can afford to wait. Using credit might seem like a good idea, but interest charges and fees can apply, increasing the cost to you over time. 

It’s super rewarding to set a goal and achieve it. So why not start now?

Start saving with Halifax

We could help you to meet your target, whatever you’re saving up for.

Saving guides and tools

Learn how to manage your money for the future with our range of helpful guides.