Invest in an ISA

When you invest in an ISA not only are you investing for your future but you’re also protecting your money from UK Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. This means more money will end up in your pocket if your investment goes up in value.

Please remember that the value of all investments can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invest. If you’re not sure about investing, seek financial advice. There will normally be a charge for that advice. Tax treatment depends on personal circumstances and may be subject to change.

Choose an ISA to invest in

If you’d like to buy investments in an ISA with Halifax, you can do this through the two ISAs shown below. We’ll explain the difference between them so you can make a decision on what works best for you.

1. Investment ISA

Our Investment ISA allows you to invest in 3 exclusive ready-made funds.

Our Investment ISA could be ideal if you’re short on time and don’t want to pick your own stocks and shares. Instead, our exclusive funds are broken down into lower, medium or higher risk, and you can decide how much money you want to invest in one or more of the funds.

Top takeaways:

  • A choice between 3 exclusive ready-made funds
  • Ideal if you’re short on time and just want a simpler choice of investments
  • Managed by experts
  • Provides exposure to a diverse mix of shares, bonds, property and more
Ready-made investments about investment ISAs

2. Stocks and Shares ISA

Our Stocks and Shares ISA will give you access to the whole of the stock market for both UK and international investments (we trade on 7 of the world’s stock markets). You’ll be able to buy stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Investment Trusts, Bonds and Gilts.

Our Stocks and Shares ISA could be ideal if you’re happy to make your own investment decisions.

Top takeaways:

  • Access to our full range of shares, ETFs, Funds, Investment Trusts, Bonds and Gilts
  • You can invest in our Select ListOur partners Morningstar have picked a range of highly-rated funds which could help make creating your own portfolio easier. (independently chosen top fund picks)
  • Managed by you - you make all your investment decisions
  • Pay no UK tax on any dividend payments made to you
Stocks and Shares ISA about stocks and shares ISA

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