Share Dealing Account

A Share Dealing Account is a simple, low-cost way to buy, sell and hold your investments.

With Halifax, we’ve made our Share Dealing Account as flexible as possible. You can choose from a wide variety of investment options, including UK and international sharesA share is simply a unit of ownership. If you own a share, you own a stake in a particular company. Shares are listed on a stock exchange and the price of all shares will fluctuate throughout the day., fundsFunds are managed by professionals and pool investors’ money together and invest on their behalf. Since your investment can be spread over a range of different stock markets, sectors and investment types, the risk involved may be reduced., exchange traded funds (ETFs)Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) trade on the stock exchange in a similar way to shares. ETFs are usually designed to replicate an index, sector, commodity or currency and will invest in a range of assets with the aim of closely tracking its performance., bonds and giltsBonds and gilts are created by companies or governments for investors as a way of raising money. When you invest in a bond or gilt you’re lending money to the company or government for a fixed period in return for a fixed rate of interest..

Please remember that the value of all investments can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invest. If you’re not sure about investing, seek independent advice.

Key features

  • Competitive dealing commission of £9.50 per online trade.
  • Set-up a regular, monthly investment for just £2 dealing commission per trade.

Why invest with Halifax

With interest rates remaining at historic lows, it’s unlikely your savings are keeping pace with inflation. Investing can help your money work harder.

Our Share Dealing Account gives you complete flexibility as you can pick the investments that are right for you. You can get started with a regular investment from just £20 each month, or you can invest a lump sum in a wide range of investment types. Read more about our investment options.

Plus, we keep investing affordable. We charge a flat-rate dealing commission each time you trade but we don’t charge costly platform fees so you know exactly how much you’re paying.

What charges do I pay?

Our charges are simple and competitive.

What charges do I pay?

Customer admin fee

You can hold an ISA, a Share Dealing Account and a ShareBuilder all for a single charge of £36 a year (the same as £3 per month)

Real-time online trades

£9.50 dealing commission per trade

Scheduled regular investments

£2 dealing commission per trade

This table shows the dealing commission and account charges you'll pay as standard. If you invest in a fund you'll also pay an ongoing charge directly to the fund manager. You may also pay government taxes and levies depending on the investment you choose. For full details please read our Charges page.

Apply for a Share Dealing Account

You can open a Share Dealing Account in less than 10 minutes.

Before you apply

Before you apply for a  Share Dealing Account make sure you’ve read and understand:

Investments are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the FSCS across the following brands which we administer.

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Ready to apply

  • Trade online for £9.50 dealing commission per trade.
  • Invest regularly for £2 per scheduled investment.
  • It costs £36 a year (the same as £3 per month) which covers our Share Dealing Account, ISA and ShareBuilder.

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