Loan Calculator

Not sure how much to borrow? Our loan calculator can help you get a quick idea of what your repayments could be.

Or to get personalised quotes and rates, choose one of the following options.

I already have a current account with Halifax

I already have a current account with Halifax

Great. We already know you pretty well, so it's quick and simple for you to apply for a personal loan.

  • You can apply for up to £50,000
  • No effect on your credit score when you get your personalised online quote - taking only 1 minute
  • If you’re approved, you could have the money in your Halifax current account in minutes.

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I don't have a current account with the Halifax

I don't have a current account with the Halifax

No problem. You can still apply for a loan with us. And it's easy to use our eligibility checker to help us know you better.

  • You can apply for up to £25,000
  • It only takes minutes to see if you're eligible to apply for a loan
  • If pre-approved, get a personalised rate  - with no effect on your credit score.

Personal loan eligibility checker

Loan calculator

Use this calculator to get a quick, illustrative example of how much repayments could be. This isn't a personalised quote as it doesn't take into account your circumstances.


Representative example

You could borrow £10,000 over 48 months with 48 monthly repayments of £236.73. Total amount repayable will be £11,363.04. Representative 6.6% APR, Annual interest rate (fixed) 6.41%.

This representative APR applies to loans of £7,500 to £25,000 over 1 to 5 years. Other terms and loan amounts are available at different rates. The maximum APR you could be offered is 29.9% APR.

The representative APR is the rate that at least 51% of people are expected to receive when taking out a loan within the stated amount and term range.

How to apply

Choose from the two options below, depending on whether or not you have a Halifax current account.

I have a Halifax Current Account

I have a Halifax Current Account

I don’t have a Halifax Current Account

I don’t have a Halifax Current Account


  • You can enter how much you would like to borrow and over how long you would like to pay it back. Or you can use the sliders to increase or decrease the amount and the number of months.

    You’ll then see an example of how much you need to pay each month and the total cost of the loan, based on this illustrative APR. When you apply, you'll get a rate which is based on your personal circumstances and so may be different to the APR shown in the loan calculator.

  • Use our budget calculator to find out how much money you can afford to borrow.

  • APR (annual percentage rate) gives you an idea of the total cost of a loan and is a good way of comparing loans. This is shown as a percentage and includes any interest and fees that are charged to your account.

    Everyone receives a personalised APR when they apply.

  • The rate shown on our loan calculator is for illustrative purposes only. When you apply, we will give you a personalised quote based on a number of factors, including:

    • your credit repayment history
    • your past account history
    • how much you want to borrow
    • how long you want to repay the loan over
    • other personal details held on our records.