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Sending money outside the UK - Online Banking Guide

The guide below will show you how to send money outside the UK or in a foreign currency using Online Banking.

  1. Select ‘More actions’ on the account you want to make the payment from.
  2. Select ‘Payments and transfers’.
  3. Select Send money outside the UK’.

Sign in to make a payment

    1. Select 'Pay someone new' if you are sending money abroad for the first time to a new recipient and follow the on-screen instructions. If you are sending money to someone you've paid before choose 'Select an international recipient’.
    2. Type in how much you'd like to send in pounds (GBP). The foreign currency amount will update automatically.
    3. If you prefer, you can type in how much you'd like to send in a foreign currency. The pounds (GBP) amount will update automatically.
    4. Click on the flag icon if you prefer to send money in a different currency to our standard currency for the recipient's country.
    5. Select 'Continue' to review payment details. If you are happy with the details, select 'Confirm Payment' to complete the payment request - you may be asked to input your password for security purposes. If you're sending money to a new recipient you may be asked to verify your transaction through a telephone call so have your phone to hand.

    If you'd like to change your payment request select 'Edit payment details’.

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