What you will need to open a bank account

If you're looking to open a bank account, you can apply online, in branch or by phone. We offer bank accounts for all types of needs - from basic to packaged bank accounts. This guide provides you with details of the documents and information you may need to open a bank account.

Who this guide is for

This guide will apply to new or existing customers who are opening a new current account

Please note: This guide is not part of the application process. It is a checklist to help you prepare to open a bank account. While it contains the essential information and documents that all banks will most likely ask, we may ask for more information, either for regulatory purposes or if you need other products and services.

Why we need this information

  • To gather the right information so your account can be opened accurately
  • To correctly identify you and check your address so we can carry out credit and other checks
  • To make sure we meet tax and financial-crime regulations

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