How the cashback offer works

You should have already switched to your new Halifax Reward Current Account or Ultimate Reward Current Account.

Use your new debit card and spend £750 in September, October and November to receive £75 cashback (£25 per month).

Get £25 paid for every qualifying month you spend £750. Cashback is paid the following month for each month you qualify.

Cashback offer terms and conditions

These conditions explain the Debit Card Spend Cashback Offer for your Halifax Visa debit card that you were given when you switched your bank account to Halifax between 25/07/2023 and 31/08/2023.


Who can take part in this Cashback offer?

Accounts that were switched during the switcher offer period and paid the £150 switching offer.


When does the Cashback offer start and end?

The Cashback offer will start at 00.00 hours on 01/09/2023 and end at 23:59 on 30/11/2023.


What are the rules of the Cashback offer?

  • You must use your new Reward Current Account / new Ultimate Reward Current Account Visa debit card to spend £750 or more on goods or services each month. If you successfully do this, we will pay £25 Cashback into your new bank account for each month that you qualified.
  • The offer runs for 3 months:
    1.“Month 1” starts from 01/09/2023 to 30/09/2023
    2.“Month 2” starts from 01/10/2023 to 31/10/2023
    3.“Month 3” starts from 01/11/2023 to 30/11/2023
  • You can take part in any or all months.
  • It is the same spend of £750 each month if you have a sole or joint account.
  • The most Cashback paid is £25 each month, which is £75 in total. 
  • Any spend over £750 a month won’t be carried into the next month.
  • Each transaction must be in pounds and made within the dates of that month. The payments can be made online, including payments using Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • If you cancel any of the transaction(s), receive a refund or any of the payments are identified as fraud, then those transactions won't be included in the £750 spend.
  • You must make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the transactions. If a transaction is declined by us, it won’t count towards the £750 spend.
  • You must still have the switched account open when we pay the Cashback.
  • Cashback payments will be made into your Halifax account that the Visa debit card(s) are linked to and the £25 will show as ‘Cash Credit’.
  • The Cashback payment is tax-free.


What types of transactions won’t be included in the £750 spend?

  • i.  Debit card payments made to a credit card;
  • ii.  Transactions made in a foreign currency;
  • iii.  Gambling transactions;
  • iv.  Money taken out from a cash machine or where the debit card is used to take out cash using a cashback service;  
  • v.  Financial services transactions like money transmission orders, purchases of foreign currency or travellers' cheques, purchases of financial services such as insurance.
  • vi.  Account to account transfers.


When will I be paid the £25?

We will check all of the Visa debit card transactions have been made within the Cashback offer period. If you have met all of the rules, we will pay:

  • “Month 1” Cashback by 20/10/2023.
  • “Month 2” Cashback by 20/11/2023.
  • “Month 3” Cashback by 20/12/2023.

It does not matter when you reach the £750 spend as all £25 Cashback payments will be made by the same day.


What if things go wrong?

Sometimes we will not be able to make a Cashback payment because:

  • a)  Transactions are not processed because of merchant or Visa systems availability, or
  • b)  of another technical reason, or
  • c)  of a Visa or merchant error, or
  • d)  there is any other reason beyond our reasonable control, or
  • e)  we are stopped from making the Cashback payment by law or regulation.

We will not be responsible to you for any costs you pay because of this.

We won’t pay Cashback if:

  • i.  we reasonably believe that you have broken this agreement; or
  • ii.  you have tried to gain a Cashback payment by fraudulent or other illegal means.

This offer can be withdrawn at any time and without notice.