Transfer your investments to the Halifax.

Please remember that the value of an investment and the income from it can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invested.
We don't provide advice so if you are in any doubt about making your own investment decisions we recommend you seek advice from a suitably qualified financial adviser.


  1. STEP 1 - Open an account
    Open a Halifax Share Dealing Account or Stocks and Shares ISA.
  2. STEP 2 - Fill in the online transfer form
    Sign in and complete our online transfer form.
  3. STEP 3 - Send it to us
    Print your completed transfer form, sign and post it to the address on the form, and that’s it!

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Are you looking to transfer a SIPP to Halifax Share Dealing? Check out our SIPP transfer page.


How much does it cost?

We don't charge to transfer into our Halifax Share Dealing Account or Halifax Stocks and Shares ISA. If you'd like to transfer into a Halifax SIPP from another pension provider there is a charge of £60 per transferring plan (max £300).

Your existing provider may charge you transfer or closure fees so please keep this in mind when you're transferring.

Transfer between accounts

If you would like to transfer investments between two Halifax Share Dealing Accounts or to another Halifax Share Dealing customer, you can do this quickly and easily by completing an internal transfer form (PDF).

Simply download, print out and complete the form, sign it and return it to the address provided on the form. We will electronically transfer your investments to the account code you provide within 10 working days* of the day we receive your signed instruction.

*Transfers with a value of more than £100,000 may require additional checks.

Please note that you cannot directly transfer investments into or out of a Self-Select Stocks and Shares ISA or SIPP.

If you want to move investments from your Halifax Share Dealing Account to your Halifax Stocks and Shares ISA you will need to sell the shares and repurchase them within the ISA. For more information please call 03457 22 55 25. If you need to call us from abroad, you can call us on +44 (0) 113 270 1154.

Depositing share certificates

Depositing your existing share certificates is simple and once it’s done there’s no need to worry about missing paperwork – your shares will be held securely in our electronic nominee.

Key benefits

  • Once your share certificates are deposited you can deal online for just £12.50 commission or over the telephone for £25.
  • You can view your account valuation 24/7 using our online service (prices are 15 minutes delayed).
  • Your trade will settle in just 2 working days compared to 10 working days for certificate trades.
  • Use our FREE market research centre for all the latest charts, news and prices.
  • Automatic dividend reinvestment - choose to have dividends from UK and Irish CREST eligible stocks automatically reinvested.

How to deposit share certificates

You will be unable to trade any stocks being deposited into your account whilst the transfer is pending. We can only transfer holdings where there is no change in beneficial ownership i.e. the account name should match the name on the certificate. We also recommend that you send your certificate by recorded or special delivery as we accept no responsibility for the loss of any certificates.

Depositing share certificates into a Stocks and Shares ISA

It isn’t possible to directly transfer a certificate into your ISA unless it has come from an approved HMRC scheme/plan (see Transferring shares from an HMRC approved scheme/plan).

To transfer the shares into your Stocks and Shares ISA, you can:

    • Open a Halifax Share Dealing Account and a Halifax Stocks and Shares ISA.
    • Deposit the share certificate into a Halifax Share Dealing Account. This takes approximately 10 working days.

Once the shares are showing in your account, place an order to sell over the phone. Please note, this may trigger an event for Capital Gains Tax purposes.

    • You can then invest in any ISA eligible investment.

Telephone dealing commission is £25 per trade, so if you decide to complete this process we’ll waive the repurchase dealing commission to ensure you don’t pay any more than trading online.

Transferring shares from an HMRC approved scheme/plan

Under HM Revenue & Customs regulations it isn’t possible to directly transfer shares into an ISA unless they were purchased as part of an HMRC approved Save As You Earn (SAYE) option scheme or a Share Incentive Plan (SIP). These were formerly known as Approved Employee Share Ownership Plans.

If your shares have matured from an approved plan, you’ll need to send us a written request to directly transfer your shares into your Stocks and Shares ISA, along with proof that the shares have been exercised (or withdrawn from an SIP) in the last 90 days. This is known as a Letter of Appropriation and can be obtained from your share scheme administrator.

We would recommend that you send your request at least two weeks before the end of the 90 day period to give us time to carry out relevant checks.

Download the 90 day transfer form (for shares held online) (PDF)
Download the 90 day transfer form (for certificated shares) (PDF)

Once you’ve filled in your form, please send it to:

ISA Administration Department
Halifax Share Dealing Limited
Lovell Park Road

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