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Is financial advice right for me?

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    How Schroders Personal Wealth helped Adam and Alisha invest for their future

    A married couple in their mid-40s had sold their business and bought a third buy-to-let property. They were looking to take early retirement, using their rental properties as income.

    The couple wished to maintain their basic, discretionary and luxury spending. However, there would be an annual income shortfall from their rental properties.

    Schroders Personal Wealth suggested they purchase an investment bond. This meant they could draw up to 5% of the original investment amount each year for the next 20 years.

    This covered their income shortfall until their State Pension age while still looking to provide some growth potential.


    How Schroders Personal Wealth helped Graham and Tracy plan their retirement

    A couple in their mid-50s, both working professionals, were looking to retire early and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. They didn’t know if this was financially viable. 

    Graham’s workplace pension didn’t suit his needs. Plus, his private pension held high-risk investments.

    Schroders Personal Wealth helped consolidate his pensions into a Self-Invested Personalised Pension (SIPP), with Tracy’s final salary pension scheme left untouched.


    How Schroders Personal Wealth helped David protect his family

    David, a retired engineer, was looking to pass on his inheritance in a tax-efficient manner. He was also looking to support his niece and nephew with further education fees.

    Schroders Personal Wealth noted that to meet these plans, David would need to reduce his portfolio, especially with regards to his inheritance tax liability. After some consideration, a trust fund was set up for the children.


    How Schroders Personal Wealth helped Stephen and Linda pass on their wealth

    Retired professionals, Stephen and Linda, were looking to pass on the proceeds of their estate to their grandchildren as tax-efficiently as possible.

    Schroders Personal Wealth had set up a trust for their grandchildren over 7 years ago. This meant it was now outside of their estate and so wouldn't be subject to inheritance tax (IHT) rules.

    Their investment portfolio had since grown and was now subject to IHT in the event of their passing. This meant their estate wasn’t that tax efficient.

    Schroders Personal Wealth helped the couple create a new trust for their grandchildren. They were still above the tax threshold, so moved some of their money into the new trust. This prevented a new tax liability arising due to potential future investment growth.

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