Your title deeds

Title deeds are documents that show the ownership of a property.

Where to get your deeds

Started your mortgage after October 2003 and your property is in England or Wales?

From October 2003, HM Land Registry store all key information held within your original title deeds electronically for registered properties.

This means we don’t hold deeds for properties registered after this date.

You can find out if your property is registered and request a copy of your title deed information from


Go to

Started your mortgage before October 2003 or your property is in Scotland or Northern Ireland?

If your property was registered before 13 October 2003 or is unregistered, we may hold your deeds.

Please call us on 0345 727 3747 for further information. We’re open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm.

If you have recently closed your mortgage we will return your deeds to you within 28 days, you do not need to contact us.

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