You must not let your property to tenants without our permission.

We'll consider applications to transfer the mortgage onto a letting basis but if we agree, we may make an annual charge which will be applied to your account every year while you continue to let the property. You cannot usually let your property if you purchased your home under the Help to Buy scheme.

You could lose your home if you don’t keep up your mortgage repayments

How do I apply?

If your account number begins with 10 or 95 and you are registered for our Online Banking service, you can complete the online application form.

You can find the form under Your Mortgage – More Actions – Account Services – Request Consent to Lease. Online Banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If your account number does not begin with 10 or 95, or if you are not registered for internet banking we will ask you to complete and submit our Consent to Lease application form.

If we give our permission, we will tell you on what basis we will allow you to let your property.

Are there any tenancies you will not allow?

We don't allow multiple tenancies. This means where each tenant signs a separate agreement and/or has separate facilities e.g. their own kitchen.

The maximum number of tenants on one tenancy is five and all tenants must be party to one agreement.

Letting without permission

If you let your property or we reasonably believe you have, without our permission:

  • We can charge you interest on top of another rate you're paying so that there is an added rate; and
  • We may make you pay a regular additional payment.

We may also backdate the extra interest or additional payments to when you originally let your property, or to when we believe you did so.

If you decide to move back in to the property you’ll need to let us know by calling the Consent to Lease team on 0345 600 9026. You’ll be asked to send us evidence that you are back living in the property. Full details of acceptable evidence will be provided by the Consent to Lease team.