You can now freeze transactions for extra peace of mind

There’s now a handy new feature on our app that lets you decide how your debit card is used. Freeze and unfreeze certain transactions whenever you need to, 24/7, for extra confidence and peace of mind.

It’s also perfect for those times when you temporarily misplace your card, but you know it’s not lost or stolen. Just turn on the freezes quickly and securely to give you the breathing space you need to find it. Once it’s found, simply unfreeze and use as normal.

You can control how your Visa debit card is used

With a quick toggle on and off, you can quickly and securely restrict these transaction types:

Freeze at tills and terminals – stops transactions when your card is present at the place of purchase. It does not freeze cash machine usage in the UK and some contactless purchases. See FAQs for full restrictions.

Freeze online and remote – stops internet, in-app, telephone, mail order purchases and some recurring payments. See FAQs for full restrictions.

Freeze abroad – stops cash machine withdrawals and transactions in places like shops, restaurants and bars, outside of the UK. It does not freeze some non-UK contactless purchases. See FAQs for full restrictions.

It’s just one of the many ways banking on your mobile can help keep your money safe.

Use this new feature now – download our Mobile Banking app.

How to freeze and unfreeze

step 1

Step 1

Open the Mobile Banking app Main Menu or Account Menu, then choose 'card management'.

Step 2

Step 2

Choose 'freeze card transactions'.

Step 3

Step 3

Choose any or all of the following three options: 'freeze at tills and terminals', 'freeze online and remote', 'freeze abroad'.

Step 4

Step 4

That’s it. Head back to the Main Menu to continue banking on the app or log out. Want to unfreeze these transaction types again? Log in to our Mobile Banking app and update them in the same way.

Some important things to bear in mind:

  • You can freeze and unfreeze three types of debit card transaction.
  • Once you’ve frozen a type of transaction, you won’t be able to make this sort of payment again until you log back in and unfreeze it.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, you need to report it to us immediately. You can do this through our Mobile Banking or Online Banking by choosing Lost or Stolen cards from the Card Management menu. You can also visit a branch or call Phone Banking. Find out more about lost and stolen cards.

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