View your card details

You can now view your debit card details in our mobile app so you can buy things online when you don’t have your card to hand.

Useful things to know

  • Currently this service is only for active debit card users. 
  • If you have just opened a new bank account with us, you won’t be able to view your card details until you receive your first debit card
  • If you have mobile notifications switched on, you will get an alert when your debit card details are ready to view. 
  • You can tap this notification to view your new debit card details in the app.

How to switch on mobile notifications

Make sure nobody else can see your screen and debit card details

Step by step guide to viewing your debit card details

Step 1

Sign in, then tap ‘Manage card’ on the bottom right of the app.

Step 2

Tap ‘View card details’.

If you have more than one active debit card, swipe to the card you want to view then tap ‘View card details’ again.

Step 3

Tap ‘Show card number’ to view your 16 digit card number.

Step 4

You can copy your card number by tapping it then pasting it into the checkout you’re using.

Tap ‘Hide card number’ to hide it once you’re done.

Step 5

Tap ‘Show security code’ to view the 3 digit code needed to complete an online purchase or over the phone.

Step 6

Tap ‘Hide security code’ to hide the 3 digit code from view.

If you're not already registered, you can also use this to manually register for Apple Pay or Google pay.

This will allow you to use your mobile device to pay for your shopping whilst you wait on your new debit card arriving in the post. 

How to register for mobile payments

Other useful links and standard legal information

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