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Get help with getting online, managing your accounts, personal details and moving money.

You can perform many of the tasks you can do on the phone, quickly and securely using our Online Banking service.

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Not sure how to make payments, or view your statements online?

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Find out how to stay safe online, and report issues if you run into trouble.

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Managing your details

Our demo shows how to use and update your details in Online Banking.

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Urgent help

Report your card as lost or stolen

If you’re registered for Online Banking, you can report your card as lost or stolen online, or on your Halifax Mobile Banking app by filling in our simple form. We’ll cancel your card and send you a replacement.

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Or, call us on 0800 0 15 15 15 (Lines open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). If you're calling from abroad you can call us on +44 (0) 113 242 8196.

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Concerned that your online personal or security details might have been compromised?

Call us on 0345 602 0000

Calling from abroad? +44 1132 798 302

Still need help?

If you still need to speak to someone about a problem with Online Banking, you can call our helpdesk.

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You can call the Online Banking helpdesk on 0345 602 0000

Calling from abroad? +44 (0) 113 279 8302.