Things you can do online

Manage your accounts

Make regular payments

If you're looking to set up, amend or cancel reoccurring payments take a look at our guides to see what you can do.

Set up Standing Ordersview our guide to setting up standing orders
Cancel Standing Orders - view our guide to cancelling standing orders
Cancel Direct Debit - view our guide to cancelling Direct Debits

Make one time payments

if you're looking to make a one time payment there's a few different options you could use.

Pay someone you've paid before - view our guide to paying someone you have paid before
Pay someone new - view our guide to paying someone new
Transfer between accounts - view our guide to transferring between accounts
Pay a contact

Our mobile app

What’s new in the app?

Rename your account.

Rename your accounts

You can choose a different name for each of your accounts through the app. That helps you keep track of them and what they’re for. Simply click on the three dots of your account on the homepage and select ‘Rename Account’.

Manage your settings

Review or amend your personal details, set up alerts and more.

View your balances

Sign into your account to view all your Halifax accounts from the account overview page.