Managing your accounts

Balances and statements

Select an option and you'll be taken to the step by step instructions on this page:

  1. View balance
  2. View statements
  3. Search transactions
  4. Export statements

View balance

Checking the balance on your accounts is easy. Your account homepage shows you all of the balances on your products.

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Viewing your transactions online

Viewing your transactions online is quick and simple to do. On your account homepage, select ‘View statement’ on the account you would like to see.

You’ll see all your transactions organised into monthly transactions. You can also search for specific transactions using ‘Search your statement’. And if you click on ‘View pending transactions’ you’ll see card transactions which haven’t been processed yet and cheques waiting to clear.

We also provide more details about all transactions. Simply click on any transaction to view more details about the transaction such as the date, time and payment method (e.g. chip and pin).

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Search transactions

You can search for specific transactions in your list of transactions. Search by date, transaction or both. There are also some more advanced search functions if you need them.

On your account homepage select the account you want to search for a transaction on. Select the ‘Search statements’ option at the top of your statement and enter your dates, transaction description and select your transaction type. You can use one or any combination of the three options.

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Exporting your list of transactions

If you need a copy of your recent or historic transactions you can get this easily from Online Banking. You can export, print or download a PDF of your transactions.

On your account homepage, select view statement on the account. For Personal Current Accounts, you can use the ‘Statement Options’ dropdown at the top of the statement page to access the export transactions options.

For Savings Accounts and Credit Cards, you can use the export icon at the bottom of the account statement.

You have the option to either export the current view of the statement or export a statement from a specific date range.

If you want to export the view of the statement that currently appears on your Online Banking select the option ’Current view of statement’. Pick your preferred format for the statement and select the Export button.

If you want to export a statement from a specific period of time you need to choose the ’Between’ dates. Select the date range making sure the dates are not more than three months apart. Finally pick your preferred format and select the Export button. 

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