Improvements to your online banking

Here are some of the latest handy features we’ve added to Online Banking to help you manage your money.

Spending Insights *NEW*

Spending Insights gives you a breakdown of where your money goes every month. It shows your current account spending in categories so you can spot the patterns and see where you might be able to save some money in future.


How to see your Spending Insights

Using our app:

  1. Tap the three dots next to your account to open the account menu.
  2. Tap 'View spending insights’.
  3. See your spending breakdown and tap the categories for more details. 


Using Online Banking from a mobile device browser:

  1. Tap the account you want to see.
  2. Tap 'View Spending Insights’.
  3. See your spending breakdown and tap the categories for more details.


Upcoming payments *UPDATED*

To help you keep your money on track, we'll show you:

  • Your upcoming payments due to leave your account in the next 31 days.
  • How much you'll have left in your account until you’re next paid. 

Here’s how:

  1. Sign into Online Banking 
  2. Click ‘View statement’ on the account you want to see 
  3. Click ‘View upcoming payments
  4. Choose the ‘Payments due before’ date 
  5. Scroll down to see a timeline of payments due to leave your account in the next 31 days 
  6. To see how much you have left until you get paid, click the ‘Add pay day’ button and select your date. 

Next time you sign in, you'll see an estimate of how much you have left in your account until your pay day. You can find this on the 'Upcoming payments' page. 

The 'Add pay day' option will be coming to our Mobile Banking app soon. In the meantime, you can access it by using Online Banking from either a computer or mobile device browser.


Left to spend desktop screenshot


Where was that purchase made?

You can now see more about where a purchase was made using your chip and PIN or contactless debit card. Simply select the transaction in your statement page to see the location details, which may include a map.

Payment location details screenshot


Improved search tools

Search, export and print up to 12 months of transactions with a handy autosuggest search tool. You can also search and filter by transaction types

Search tool screenshot

You could go paper-free

Paper-free, or paperless, is a way that you can receive electronic statements and/or correspondence for qualifying credit cards, personal loans, current accounts and savings accounts.

It’s safe and easy to go paper-free. You can also switch back to paper statements at any time.