Making it easier to stay on top of your money.

We’ve been working on ways to help you get more from your current account statement in Online Banking. For example, you can now click or tap on any transaction to find out more about it, such as where, when and how it was made.

And we’ve made further improvements. Take a quick look below.

1. Go to a month in just one tap

Your improved online statement has quick links to recent months.

So it’s even easier to find your way around when you’re looking for recent transactions.

You’ll find these links at the top of the transaction list, just underneath the "Search statements" section.

2. See what’s coming in and going out

To help keep track of your spending, your online statement now includes a summary of your incomings and outgoings for each completed calendar month.


3. All of your transactions on one page

A new layout makes it easy to get to older transactions. Simply keep scrolling down the page.

As you scroll, your older transactions will keep loading. When you come to the end of the list, just click or tap "Load more transactions". Each page is no longer limited to just 25 transactions so you no longer need to click ‘previous’ or ‘next’ to find your way around.

So you can quickly see how much you’ve spent, to help make decisions when budgeting.

You could go paper-free

The last thing you want to face after a long day is a pile of post. So now your online statement does so much more, why not lighten the load and keep your statements online?

It’s simple to go paper-free, and you can switch them back on at any time.

Learn how to go paper-free