What you need to be aware of before the end of contract inspection of your vehicle.

At the end of your agreement you may choose to return your vehicle. Throughout your agreement you must keep the vehicle in good condition allowing for fair wear and tear. If the vehicle, its equipment or accessories have not been used, maintained or looked after as originally agreed then we may make end of contract charges. This guide explains what fair wear and tear is and highlights other key information you need to know.

Servicing and repairs.

Your vehicle must be fully serviced in line with the manufacturer and/or warranty requirements. We will not accept any mismatching of colours and parts, or any substandard repair work.

We can remove any additions you make to the vehicle and return them to you if you ask us in writing. You’ll need to pay our reasonable costs to do this, including replacing any items and any damage caused in the process.

Fair wear and tear.

Fair wear and tear occurs when normal use causes acceptable deterioration to the vehicle’s condition at the end of a contract or finance agreement. The age, mileage and use of the vehicle are taken into account.

We recommend you carry out your own inspection of the vehicle 10-12 weeks before it’s due for return. This will give you time to arrange to have any unacceptable wear and tear repaired. But don't forget to:

Wash and dry your vehicle
before. Dirt can mask damage.

Make sure you assess your vehicle in good light. Assessments carried out in poor light may mean you miss something.

Be objective
and assess your vehicle as honestly as you can.

Here's what we'll take into account when assessing the condition of your vehicle: