Capital Protected Funds.

    Recently Scottish Widows wrote to you to tell you that your investment was reaching its protection date soon and your investment in the Capital Protected Fund will end.

    You need to consider your options and let Scottish Widows know what you’ve decided as soon as possible.

    REMEMBER: If your investment is currently in an ISA you can transfer it to another ISA and retain the ISA status on your money without affecting your allowance for the current tax year.

    Where can I get more information?

    You may find it useful to look at our Investing or Saving page, which talks through the differences between the two. This could help you to decide whether saving or investing would suit you better as your circumstances may have changed since you first took out your investment.

    We don’t offer advice on investments, but the Money Advice Service has a range of helpful financial guides online, as well as details of Independent Financial Advisers near you.

    If you have a significant level of savings and investments, or income, then you may benefit from financial advice.