Make your monthly mortgage payment

We have various ways you can make your monthly mortgage payment.

Before you start: You'll need to be a named customer on the mortgage to make a payment.
We also don't accept payments by credit card or debit Mastercard (cards beginning with a five).

  • To set up a Direct Debit, you'll need to complete and return a Direct Debit instruction form (PDF, 37KB). You can also call 0345 727 3747 to set it up over the phone. We’re available Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm and Saturday 9am - 4pm. We’re closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

    Important to know
    If you set up a Direct Debit within seven days of your current payment date, it won’t start until the next month. This means you’ll still need to make your usual monthly payment until your Direct Debit is set up. We'll let you know when your Direct Debit payments will start within five working days of receiving your instructions.

    If you already have a Direct Debit set up, the payment will be taken automatically on the agreed date. To manage your Direct Debit, please visit our Change your Direct Debit page.

    If your Direct Debit has failed or you think it will

  • To make monthly mortgage payments by standing order, you’ll need these details:

    • Sort code: 30-00-00
    • Account number: 00332275
    • Account name: Halifax

    For the payment reference, please input your mortgage account number, plus an extra ‘00’ on the end, so it’s 16-digits in total.

    Keep in mind: Standing orders are only sent on working days. Please allow up to three working days for your payment to reach us and appear on your balance.

    If your standing order is due on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment won’t leave until the next working day. Depending on your payment date, this could mean your standing order isn’t received by us until the following month. This might show as a late payment on your credit file.

  • To make a monthly mortgage payment by phone, call our automated phone line on 0345 727 3747. You'll need your 14-digit mortgage account number to hand.

    The most you can pay by phone in one go is £60,000, but you can make more than one payment per day. Otherwise, consider our other options or come and see us in branch.

    Before making any large payments, it’s best to check your payment limits with your bank. You can also request a text message confirming payment. 

  • Please make all cheques payable to 'Halifax'. 

    On the back, write your 14-digit mortgage account number plus an extra ‘00’ on the end, so it’s 16-digits in total.

    Post to:
    Barnett Way,
    GL4 3RL

    You can also pay your cheque in at your nearest branch.

    Your payment will be applied on the date we receive the cheque and will show on your mortgage account sometime the following day.

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