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The fastest way to check details about your mortgage is through Online Banking or our Mobile Banking app.

You can do this even if your mortgage is the only account you have with us. It’s extra easy.

  1. Sign in to Online Banking
  2. Select your mortgage to see an overview
  3. Choose 'View your mortgage details' to see more

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What you can do

Learn about your mortgage

View your account number, balance, sub-accounts and interest rates.

Check what you're paying

Check when you're next payment is due and how much you'll pay.

See your payment history

See everything you've paid and what you pay to any sub-accounts.

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Check your mortgage details

You can view your account number, balance and interest rate. If you’re thinking of paying off your mortgage, the balance shown may not be the final amount. It won’t include any interest charges in the last month or other fees that may apply. For the exact amount to pay off your mortgage you’ll need to request your redemption figure.

Viewing your mortgage details

Take a look at what you pay

You can view your monthly payment, when it’s due and all the payments you’ve made in the past.

View your monthly payments

View your sub-accounts

Your mortgage may be split into multiple parts called sub-accounts. It’s easy to check your sub-accounts and how they add up to make up your total monthly payment.

View your sub accounts

How to change your roll number to an account number

Roll number

Conversion Process


Account number

Roll number

Example 1. 10/00002183-9

Example 2. 10/00002183-10


Conversion Process 

1. Remove all non-numeric characters i.e '/' and '-'

2. If the digit after the '-' is between 1-9 then replace the '-' with a 0

3. Add '00' to the end of the number

4. If the digit after the '-' is 10, remove the '-' and add the '00'

Account number

Example 1.  10000021830900

Example 2. 10000021831000

Looking for something else?

See our existing customers section for more information about your mortgage.

If you want to talk to us then call on 0345 122 1439. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 9am-4pm. Otherwise, you can come and see us in branch.

You could lose your home if you don’t keep up your mortgage repayments