Things you need to know about our SIPP

    We don't offer any advice - so you are responsible for the investment decisions you make. If you want the protection of knowing your investment is appropriate or suitable you should speak to a financial adviser. You can find details of Independent Financial Advisers near you at

    Investments can go down as well as up - you could get back less than you invested, depending on when you choose to sell your investment. You'll need to understand the different types of investment and the risks of each.

    We look after your stock and cash - by keeping them separate from our own. What do we mean by this?

    Remember, this is a long term investment account and you will not be able to access any of your money until you are at least 55 years old. Also, please note that there is a maximum annual allowance for pension contributions which covers all the pension schemes you have.

    Please read our important SIPP documents

    Understanding our charges

    Admin Charge There is a quarterly administration charge of £22.50 (SIPP value of £50,000 or less) £45 (SIPP value of greater than £50,000).
    Commission charges The online charge is £12.50 per trade.
    Additional charges There are  additional charges for trading and other services, such as drawdown charges. View the full list of these charges.

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