What is a current account?

current account can come in handy in all sorts of different ways and can be an essential part of our daily lives.

For most people, a bank account will serve as a central place to put their hard earned cash into, settle bills and even pay the weekly food shop.

Some current accounts also come with extra benefits, like our Ultimate Reward Current Account and the chance to set up an arranged overdraft (subject to status). That's why it's important to understand exactly what these are and how you could benefit from them.

Bank accounts typically let you access your money in a number of different ways. Bank online, over the phone or in branch. This gives you a level of flexibility which means that your current account can adapt to your needs as your life changes. In addition, you can get a cheque book if you need one, as well as a cash card, debit card or a card that acts as both. These can be used to withdraw money from cash machines. With an added debit facility you can also use them to pay for goods and services where chip and pin or swipe technology is available.

If you have regular commitments you need to pay out, your current account can also be used to allow you to arrange payments by Direct Debit. This lets you make regular payments to nominated accounts or service providers on a frequent basis- so you never need to miss a payment. Standing Orders are another way in which you can transfer money to another person or organisation’s bank account automatically.

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