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    Great money habits start with Money Smart.

    Give your kids their own Smart Spending and Smart Savings Accounts. They’ll love the freedom to manage their own money and you’ll love seeing their confidence grow.

    And it’s easy for you to help them manage their own money, because you’ll see their accounts through your own banking app and Online Banking. Plus, for your peace of mind, Money Smart has set spending limits, so you can relax, knowing they’re not going to spend money they don’t have.

    Having their own Smart Spending Account, complete with a contactless VISA debit card to use in shops and online, means they’ll learn about everyday spending.

    With their own Smart Savings Account, getting into great savings habits is easy.

    To get them motivated to save regularly they can even rename their account – to anything they want, like ‘my new trainers’, making saving fun. Plus, they’ll have instant access to their money.

    With their own Online Banking, they’ll be able to make and manage payments, in and out of their accounts, making it easy for them to keep track as they spend and save.

    Plus, we’ll help your child learn all about online banking, by giving them tips on how to manage their money. And to educate them on how to keep their money safe and secure, we’ll also give information on scams, fraud and staying safe online.

    Opening Money Smart for your kids is easy – all you need is your own eligible current account with Online Banking set up.

    Give them a great head start with Money Smart. Apply online today.

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    Welcome to your Money Smart Accounts.

    Say hello to Money Smart Spending and Savings Accounts. It’s time to be in control of your own money.

    When your debit card arrives you can buy things with your Smart Spending Account and save for things with your Smart Savings Account. There are lots of great features:

    • Sign into Online Banking on our Mobile Banking app, a tablet or computer
    • Pay for things easily with your contactless debit card
    • Plus regularly top up your Smart savings account whenever you want!

    Here’s what you need to know to get set up and make the most of your accounts.

    First, register for Online Banking.

    You’ll be able to keep track of how much money you have in your accounts and manage money online whenever you want.

    Ask the parent or legal guardian named on your accounts to help you if you need to.

    Next, download our Mobile Banking app from the Apple App store or Google Play to manage your money on the go.

    Now your accounts are open, you’ll soon:

    • Get your contactless debit card by post.
    • Be able to use it to buy things online and when you’re out and about.
    • And once you’ve paid using your Personal Identification Number, or PIN. You’ll be able to pay contactless with just a tap of your card.

    You can even use Apple Pay®, if you’re 13 or over or Google Pay® once you’re 16.

    You’ll also be able to take out cash with your card at cash machines in the UK and worldwide. Just remember that if you’re using your card overseas, charges may apply.

    To keep your money safe, your PIN will be sent to you separately.

    Watch more videos with handy tips to make the most of your Money Smart accounts on our Money Smart® web page.

    And thanks for choosing Money Smart.

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    Is everything sorted with your Money Smart?

    Are you all set and ready to go with your Money Smart accounts?

    Making the most of them is as easy as 1,2,3.

    Step one. Have you registered for Online Banking?

    Don’t forget to, as it means you can manage your money anytime you like. You can always ask your parent or legal guardian named on your accounts to help you.

    Step two. Download our Mobile Banking app.

    Once you’re registered for Online Banking, use our app and see how easy it is to bank on the go.

    Step three. Pay money into your Money Smart Spending and Savings Accounts.

    You can pay money into your Smart Spending Account to use day-to-day.

    And put some money away in your Smart Savings Account, either for a rainy day or to save up for something special.

    Check the Money Smart web page for more info, including handy account tips.

    And don’t forget to watch our other videos – they’ll help you make the most out of your Money Smart accounts.

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    Make the most of your debit card.

    Here’s how to use your debit card and PIN.

    First, remember to sign your card and memorise your PIN.

    Your PIN is like a key that unlocks your account and card. It keeps your money safe, so always keep the number secret.

    You can change your PIN at any Halifax cash machine. Just enter the PIN we sent you, then choose a new PIN. Make sure it’s easy for you to remember but impossible for someone to easily guess.

    And if you can’t remember your PIN, use our Mobile Banking app to view it instantly.

    Never tell anyone your PIN. They might use it to take money out of your account or buy things without you knowing. And never post photos of your card online.

    Once you’ve bought something for the first time with your debit card and PIN, you can then use the contactless feature.

    You can pay contactless in places where you see the Contactless symbol. Just tap and pay up to the contactless limit.

    If you use your debit card to shop online, remember to stay safe. Look for the lock in the web browser address bar. It means the website you’re on is secure. Watch our ‘Keep your money and your accounts safe’ video for more tips to help you. It’s on the Money Smart web page.

    To make it easier to manage your money in your Smart Spending account we’ve set spending limits for you. So you can be sure you don’t overspend.

    And if you’ve misplaced your debit card but know it’s not lost or stolen, you can freeze your card on our Mobile Banking app with Card Freezes to stop it being used, online, in shops or in other countries. Once your card is found you can unfreeze it.

    Remember, if you think your card is lost or stolen, it’s important to contact us. Then we can cancel it and order you a new one.

    Enjoy using your debit card and its features. For more handy tips and help with your Smart Spending and Smart Savings Accounts, watch our other videos on the Money Smart web page.

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    Keep your money and your accounts safe.

    To take care of your money and your account, it’s important to learn the best ways to keep it safe from fraud.

    Fraud is when someone tricks you and you lose your money.

    Together we can beat the fraudsters. Our top tips are as easy as 1,2,3.

    Number one. Keep your card safe.

    Remember to keep your debit card with you but out of sight.

    Store it somewhere safe, and after you use it, stash it away in a purse or pocket.

    Never share your PIN or post photos of your card on social media.

    If you’re using a cash machine, make sure no one can see you enter your PIN.

    Don’t forget, if you’ve misplaced your debit card, but know it’s not lost or stolen, you can freeze your card using Card Freezes on our Mobile Banking app.

    It stops it being used online, in shops or in other countries. You can unfreeze your card when you find it.

    It’s really important that if you think your card IS lost or stolen you tell us immediately.

    You can contact us through Online Banking, on our app or by calling us.

    We’ll then cancel it and order you a new one.

    Number two of our three steps to stay safe is ‘Bank safely’.

    With Online Banking and our app, you can bank anytime, anywhere using your mobile, tablet or computer.

    When you’re using Online Banking and the app, never ever share your account or personal details. And always sign out when you’re finished. Make sure you stay alert to stay safe.

    Some fraudsters could try to trick you by phoning, texting or emailing you, pretending to be your bank. They could ask you for your account details, like your password or PIN, or ask you to transfer money into a new account.

    We never do this. If you’re not sure who’s calling, hang up. And never reply or click on links in suspicious text messages or emails.

    Our third step is to shop safely online.

    Shopping online can be easy and saves time. But not all websites are safe.

    Always look for the lock, in the web browser bar, it means the website you’re on is secure.

    Take a look at more helpful tips to fight fraud on our website. And, for other useful advice, watch our other videos on the Money Smart website.

    Enjoy using Money Smart and be sure to remember to keep your card safe, bank safe and shop safe.

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    Tips to help you spend and save.

    Use your Smart Spending Account for everyday spending and your Smart Savings Account to save up for something you really want, like new trainers or a new mobile phone.

    Here’s some handy tips to help you spend and save.

    Checking how much money you have in your accounts – this is called your balance – is important, as it can help you learn to budget.

    That way you can plan ahead and make sure you don’t spend more than you have or want to spend.

    To help you manage your money, we’ve set up payment and spending limits. See these in your Getting Started Guide.

    Your Mobile Banking app lets you see instantly what you’ve spent or saved.

    Your Smart Savings Account means you can save every week, every month or whenever you want.

    It’s easy to transfer money between your Smart Spending Account and Smart Savings Account. This means moving money from one account to the other. You can do this with Online Banking on our Mobile Banking app, a tablet or computer.

    Even saving a little can help you reach your savings goal.

    Also, giving your Smart Savings Account the name of the thing you’re saving for, like ‘My new game’ is a fun way to see your savings grow.

    Another way to save is to switch on Save the Change®

    Every time you use your debit card to buy something, we’ll round up the amount you spent to the nearest pound and move the difference from your Smart Spending Account into your Smart Savings Account.

    Now you’re making the most of your money, if there’s anything you’re not sure how to do, check out the Money Smart website for more info and more videos.

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