We sort the finance. You choose the car. Job done.

    Car Plan Extra

    Buying your dream car with Halifax is easier than ever. It's quick to apply online, and you'll get an instant decision with no credit searches.

    When you buy a new or used car on finance, you borrow the money to buy a car of your choice. That means you can get a great rate of 3.4% APR Representative when you borrow between £7,000-£25,000*.

    *Borrowing available from £3,000. Other rates may apply.

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    How does car finance work with Halifax?

    Unlike a personal loan, we’ll pay the dealer directly once you’ve agreed all the details. Then you repay a fixed amount each month until the end of the plan.

    We can sort out most cars on finance and cover the majority of UK dealers.

    Lending is subject to status and additional affordability checks.

    Go the route that works for you

    Halifax Car Plan Extra gives you two deals to choose from, so you can go the route that works for you.

    Both can be managed online, and there's no extra charges to pay off the finance early.

    Fixed Car Plan (hire purchase)

    “I want to own the car after the last repayment.”

    Features and benefits:

    • Fixed monthly repayments
    • You own the car after the last repayment
    • No mileage limit

    Bear in mind:

    • You can’t sell the car until the finance is paid off

    Flex Car Plan (personal contract purchase)

    “I want low repayments and the choice to own the car or return it afterwards.”

    Features and benefits:

    • Low fixed monthly repayments
    • Choose to pay a lump sum at the end of the term and own the car, or just return it

    Bear in mind:

    • You can’t sell the car until the finance is paid off
    • You’ll agree on an annual mileage limit – if you decide to return the car and it has exceeded the annual mileage limit then fees will apply.
    • There will be extra fees if you return the car and it’s not in a good condition.

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