Contactless credit cards

All Halifax credit cards come with contactless as standard. That means you can make payments of up to £100 without using your PIN – just look out for the contactless symbol wherever you shop.

  • Tap and be on your way in less than a second.
  • Accepted almost everywhere.
  • Covered by the same fraud protection as chip and PIN.

How contactless credit cards work


Use it where you see the contactless symbol.


Hold your card against or close to the reader.


Listen for the beep or wait for the light to turn green.

Contactless mobile payments

Add your Halifax contactless credit card to your phone or other mobile device to make payments. There’s no need to take your card with you. Some retailers allow you to make mobile payments of more than £100 - just check with them how much you can spend. 

Good to know: your card details are automatically encrypted when you add it to a mobile device, so they’re never on display.

Frequestly asked questions

Don't have a Halifax credit card?

If you don't have a Halifax credit card yet, don't worry. Click below to see the types of credit cards we offer.

Halifax credit cards

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