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There are a couple of options to think about when you take out critical illness cover. We'll explain how some of them work.

Level cover

Cover and payments stay the same

Infographic depicting level cover

How does level cover work? 

Level cover means that the cash pay-out stays the same until your policy ends. You'll pay the same amount each month. 

What’s the benefit of level cover? 

With level cover, the amount that gets paid out if a claim is made won't change. So you and your loved ones will always know how much cover you'll have in case you need to make a claim.

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Decreasing cover

Cover reduces but payments stay the same

Infographic depicting decreasing cover

How does decreasing cover work? 

Decreasing cover means that the amount your policy pays out goes down each month until it ends. You'll pay the same amount each month. 

What’s the benefit of decreasing cover? 

Decreasing cover is usually a cheaper kind of cover. It's often used to cover a repayment mortgage. As you pay off your mortgage, the amount of cover you'd need to pay it off will go down. So if you mainly need cover for your mortgage, you could get the support you need and pay less each month than level cover. 

We don’t offer this kind of cover online just now, but see below on how to find out more.

Looking for decreasing cover?

For now, we don't offer decreasing critical illness cover online. But we want to make sure you and your loved ones get the support you need. That’s where LifeSearch can help. Call them today and they can help find cover that’s right for you and your mortgage. 

LifeSearch won't charge you for their advice, and you're under no obligation when you speak to them. 

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