Money Health Check

Our Money Health Check is a quick and easy way to test your money fitness and can give you tips on how to manage your cash.

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Shopping around could reduce your everyday bills such as gas or electricity.

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This could include benefits such as tax credits or other government support

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This shows your past history of paying back borrowed money and/or paying credit agreements such as mobile phone bills.

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Using the internet of your phone to access your bank account online.

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This could be money set aside in a separate account for a rainy day.

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Looking for support to help with worries over debts.

Thanks for completing our Money Health Check - from what you've told us, you are in good money health!

For tips and hints on making the most of your money, MoneyHelper website is a great place to start.

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Thanks for completing our Money Health Check - here are some suggestions on how you can get on top of your money from our website and leading independent organizations.

Utilities Comparison

Shop around to see if you can save money on your gas and electricity. Simply enter your postcode to get started.

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Benefits Calculator

Don't miss out on money you may be entitled to - filling in your budget could point you to money you could be claiming.

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Credit Rating

A good credit score can make banks more likely to give you a mortgage or a loan - find out how to check yours and get help to improve it.

Check your score

Mobile / Online Banking

You can use your mobile or tablet to manage your account easily - our app means you can keep across your money on the move.

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Quick Cash Finder

Spending money on regular items like coffee or a lottery ticket can soon add up - see how much you are spending - and how much you could save.

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Free Debt Advice

Don't let money worries get you down - we can help point to a range of advice across the UK. Debt advisors don't judge and could lead you to help you didn't know existed.

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What to do if you're worried

Please let us know if you have money worries. We'll listen, understand, and help as best as we can.

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