Pay in cheques online - frequently asked questions.

Everything you need to know about depositing cheques using your smartphone, in a straight forward question and answer format. Find out how to pay in a cheque using your mobile phone.

What is cheque imaging?

It’s a way to pay in cheques using your mobile device. The app uses your device camera to capture an image of the cheque and ‘reads’ the details to pay the money into your account. It’s simple, convenient and secure – and can save you a trip to a branch.

What cheques can I deposit this way?

You can deposit most types of cheque accepted by UK banks and in pounds. This includes UK Government Payable Orders, postal orders, banker’s drafts and Building Society cheques – but not travellers’ cheques, bank giro credits and various non-standard cheques. If we don’t accept a particular type of cheque, the app will tell you when you try to take the image.

How soon can I use the money?

Funds will normally be available in your account at the end of the next working day. So, if you deposit a cheque before 10pm on a normal weekday, that’s classed as the first working day. Your money will be available by the end of the following working day.

What about weekends and public holidays?

For cheques deposited on these days, the first working day is the day after the break – usually a Monday or Tuesday. So, if you deposit a cheque on an ordinary Saturday morning, it will be treated as if paid in on the Monday. Remember: if you deposit a cheque on any weekday after 10pm, it will take an extra day before it's available.

What do I do with the original cheque?

You should keep the cheque until its status reads 'Funds available' in 'Deposit History' on the app. Write ‘deposited’ on the back and store it in a safe place until you dispose of it. If we need to see the original, we’ll write to let you know. We may ask you to bring the cheque into branch. This helps us keep on top of fraudsters’ tricks as well as making sure payments are processed properly.

How do I know when the money has been paid in?

Each cheque deposited using the app in the past 99 days is listed in the Deposit History tab. Select ‘View deposit history’ from the More tab at the bottom of your screen. ‘Funds available’ means the money is in your account and available for you to use.

What happens when a cheque is rejected?

If a cheque in Deposit History says ‘Rejected’, we were unable to process the payment. Don’t try to deposit it again with the app. The reason for rejection will show in Deposit History, and we’ll also write to you to confirm this reason.

Are all cheque deposits shown in Deposit History?

The history tab only shows cheque imaging deposits made by you from a registered mobile device in the past 99 days. This won’t include cheques deposited in branch or at a Cashpoint® or ATM. If you have a joint account, it also won’t include any cheques deposited by the other person using another mobile device. You’ll see a total of all cheques deposited in your account details. They’re shown as a pending transaction first, until the funds are made available.

Are there limits on cheque imaging deposits?

Yes. There is a transaction limit for each individual cheque of £500, with a maximum daily limit of £1,000 per day. These limits are shown on the Deposit tab where you enter the amount written on the cheque. There’s no limit to the number of cheques you can pay in up to the daily total. Some types of cheque may only be deposited in branch.

Why do I keep getting errors when taking the photo?

The app needs a good sharp image to ‘read’ the details. Place the cheque flat and in good light against a plain, darker background. Hold your device in the landscape position, steadily over the cheque without tilting. Hold still for a few seconds while the app takes the image – and you should be good to go.

Can I take a photo of my cheque and deposit it later?

No. For security, cheque images are not stored in the app and they won’t appear in your device’s photo library or any cloud service connected with it. Cheque images are only stored securely on bank systems. Similarly, you can’t upload cheque images from your device’s photo library, or use a photocopy of a cheque.

Can I deposit cheques in Euros, dollars or other currencies?

No, you can only deposit cheques in pounds.

Can I deposit cheques not written in English?

Yes, we process cheques written in English, Welsh and Gaelic. The recipient name can be in any language as long as it matches the account name.