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Keep your info safe online

The internet has lots of things that can help you. But you need to know how to stay safe online.

Identity theft

You need to keep your identity safe online. If your personal or banking details are stolen they could be used to commit fraud. This may harm your personal finances and credit rating.

What to look out for:

  • Odd transactions - Check your bank or credit accounts.
  • Unexpected post - Letters may arrive that you didn't expect. Even credit cards that you didn’t apply for.  
  • Credit is refused - Your credit score is good but you get turned down for credit.
  • Calls about debt - You could get calls from debt collectors or companies about things you didn’t buy.
  • Credit history - Unknown entries that show up.

Your details can be found in many places, so you need to keep them safe.

What you can do:

  • Go paper free - Get bank and credit statements online.
  • File or destroy - If you're not paper free then it’s best to file them away or to shred them.
  • Be safe on social media - Be careful what you put on social media. Don’t share any banking or payment details, even to friends.
  • Be wary of strange emails or texts - If you’re not sure who a message is from then don’t reply until you’ve double checked. And don’t reply with your personal details.
  • Cancel lost cards or documents - If you lose a card or an important document then you should cancel it right away.
  • Use a credit agency - If you sign up to a trusted agency they’ll tell you if a credit check is made in your name.

If your identity is stolen, you need to act fast to limit the damage. You should:

  • Check your bank account - Keep a look out for any odd transactions or other changes you didn’t make. If you spot anything odd, contact us right away.
  • Change your security questions - As your personal details may help someone to guess them.
  • Contact Action Fraud - They can help you to report a crime or give general advice. Action Fraud collects data from across the UK to help banks and other businesses combat fraud.
  • Tell other sites - If your details are on other sites tell them about the theft.
  • Contact Royal Mail - If you think your mail has been stolen or redirected.

You could also register with CIFAS. This could help to protect you and stop fraudsters using your details to apply for products or services in your name.

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Think you've been a victim of fraud?

You should contact us right away if you think you’ve been a victim of fraud. We can then guide you on what to do next.

  • We guarantee to refund your money (including charges and interest that you’ve paid or not received as a result) in the unlikely event that you experience fraud with our Online Banking service. We will take steps to protect you 24/7, using technology and safeguards that meet or exceed industry standards, but you must also use our online banking services carefully.

    Being careful when you use our services includes, for example, that you:

    • Do all that you reasonably can to keep your Security Details (such as online and mobile username, password, and memorable information) secure, and you sign out after each Online Banking session.
    • Don’t let anyone else have access to your account or Security Details, or transact using them, even if they share a joint account with you through our Online Banking services.
    • Tell us, as soon as you can if you think your Security Details have been lost, stolen, damaged or are being misused; or think someone may be accessing your accounts without your authority, or has discovered your Security Details.
    • Carry out regular virus checks on your devices.

    If you've been grossly negligent, we will not refund any money taken from your account before you have told us your Security Details have been lost, stolen or could be misused.

    We won't give you a refund if you have acted fraudulently.

    For further guidance on using our online banking services, see our Online Banking terms and conditions.